4 Reasons “Just Doing Kegels” Doesn’t Work, From A Pelvic Floor PT

It’s very hip to be on the “Kegels are bad for you” bandwagon right now.

And for good reason.  There is SO much more to your pelvic floor than ‘just kegels.’

Allow me to introduce myself 🙂 My name is Dr. Kelly Sadauckas (sed-OW-skiss, thanks for asking). I am one of a handful of Doctors of Physical Therapy IN THE WORLD who are double board certified in Pelvic Health and Orthopedics.  Today, I’d like to demystify kegels.

Fact: It’s TRUE that “just being told to do kegels” doesn’t work.

Pelvic floor muscle reeducation is about SO much #morethankegels .  

And if someone is told to “just do kegels” to fix their pee, poop, seggsy time problems…it won’t work.  Because the “kegel” is only a small part of the big picture.

4 Reasons Why “Just doing Kegels” fails to fix our pee, poop or seggsy time problems:

  1. It doesn’t teach us about our pelvic organs, and how the heck they are supposed to function (or not), in the first place.  
  2. It doesn’t teach us about knowledge of their pelvic floor muscles,.  It doesn’t teach us ‘where’ our pelvic muscles are, how they function individually, and as a group (and as a part of our whole body).  
  3. It doesn’t teach us that the relaxation of the pelvic muscles is usually the most important part. 
  4. It doesn’t teach us about the myriad of social-envioronmental-behavioural-nutritional contributions that are likely contributing to our pee, poop, seggsy-time problems.  

Luckily, here at Pelvic Floored, we teach you more than kegels 😉

Pelvic Floored is rewriting the Pelvic Wellness Playbook. 

  • We are teaching you about YOUR BODY so you are unafraid and unashamed.
  • We are teaching you about your muscles, your organs, and how different ways of moving might increase or decrease our chances of leaking or hurting (or having poop issues)
  • We are teaching you about how things we drink, foods we eat affect our pelvic functions, and tips on what can speed up, or slow down, pee, poo or seggsy time functions. 

We are teaching you REAL information about pelvic problems AND SOLUTIONS, so you can spread the word and change the pelvic culture in the world, so that others don’t have to suffer this fear, betrayal and uncertainty.

Are You Ready to Join the Pelvic Floored Revolution?

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