5 Ways That Peeing Your Pants is Ruining Your Life (& The World)

From exorbitant spending, to producing thousands of pounds of waste, leaking pee is one health issue we need to address, now. Read more here.
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Peeing Your Pants Doesn’t Kill You…
It just takes your life away…

Peeing your pants doesn't kill you, it just takes your life away
Dr. Kelly is here to let you know you can get your life back.

I have an earlier blog post about how Kegels Can Save the World, but this little gem focuses on a few more ‘quality of life’ specific costs of incontinence, and how peeing your pants is ruining your life (& the world).

5 Ways That Peeing Your Pants Is Ruining Your Life (& the World), & 1 Simple Thing to Do About It

1. Peeing Your Pants is as common as back pain…but people are not asking for help!

“I just have the normal amount of leakage,” my client says to me.

“No leakage is normal.” I reply.

“Ha, ha…funny” she says.

“…. I’m serious…” I say.

“…” “…” “…really?”

Really. Being a bit leaky down below (official term “urinary incontinence”) is as common as low back pain, but whereas 80% of people with low back pain will seek care within a few weeks of the onset…only 30% of people with leakage ever. seek. care.

30%. And when they do…sometimes they are told it’s normal. Damn.

Do not confuse something being common with something being normal.

2. People are spending, on average, $1300 a year on incontinence products.

If they leak from 50-90…that’s OVER $50,000. What else could they have spent that $$ on??

And what if they start leaking at age 30??

Not to mention the trash. Can you picture $50,000 worth of incontinence waste? Yikes.

But what if you don’t care about the $$ or the waste…or the number of people this will affect…

You might start to care when the statistics get personal:

3. If YOU are peeing your pants, YOU have DOUBLE the fall risk as you age.

It’s due to a lot of reasons, but it comes down to this (in my humble opinion, and I am an imperfect human, so forgive my assumptions): no one likes to leak. No one likes to feel the urge to pee.

So we rush to the bathroom. And maybe it’s dark. And maybe our muscles are weak because we don’t exercise or even go outside much anymore because we don’t want to smell like pee…so we fall.

And falling is not good for our bones, or health, friends. We don’t want to fall.

4. Leaking Pee DOUBLES YOUR RISK of depressive symptoms as you age.

Well, duh. For all of the above reasons.

We stop doing the things we love.

We stop seeing the people we love.

We get weak, and still leak…so we get depressed.

5. You having a ‘little dribble’ DOUBLES the risk of nursing home placement as you age.

This is the ONE point that can sometimes get people to change.

They can handle the $$ and the waste. They can deny the fall risk and depressive symptoms, but when it comes to reducing the chance that you’ll be placed in a nursing home….well, that is something that can somehow rally people to make a change.

So that’s all the ways that peeing your pants is ruining your life (& the world)

Now, what are we going to do about it?
What are YOU going to do about it?

There are real exercises to help this real problem. This common, but not normal, problem.

  • Talk to your medical provider. If they tell you ‘it’s normal”, then get a new medical provider.
  • See a pelvic floor physical therapist in your area, or online, to find out the most effective changes you can make to your life, to reduce the problem.
  • If seeing a PT in person won’t work, consider buying an online program to learn more about your program (like my Signature Series, or other programs)
  • TALK ABOUT THIS. With your friends. With your spouse. With your parents and kids. We all know that shoulder pain isn’t normal. Pelvic issues should be no different.
  • GO TO PELVIC PT during pregnancy and postpartum. No excuses. You’d never have ACL surgery without PT. Why would this be any different?

Thanks for reading. Please share with someone who needs this.

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Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Dr. Kelly

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