Three Easy Things You Can Do TODAY to Not Die While Pregnant!

Well, Sh!t, Pelvic Floored Family! This was NOT the Blog Post that I intended to start 2023 with….but as it’s the middle of March, and I’m all spiced up about this, it is what it is, right? Hey y’all, it’s me, Dr. Kelly Sadauckas, DPT, OCS, WCS, one of less than one hundred Doctors of […]

Does Coffee Make Everyone Poop?

A picture of soft formed poop, type 4, which means soft formed log, not cracked on outside.

Theme of the month is not pooping our pants, it seems! Read this for the answer to the age-old question, “Does Coffee Make Everyone Poop?”

Bowel Irritants

A picture of soft formed poop, type 4, which means soft formed log, not cracked on outside.

Let’s keep the poop out of our pants & the smiles on our faces! Join me for a journey into the wide world of bowel irritants!

Dr. Kelly is Double Board Certified!

Dr. Kelly, one of only 72 Double Board Certified Specialists in the USA

Dr. Kelly has big news!! She is now one of only 72 Physical Therapists to be Double Board Certified in Orthopedics & Pelvic Health!! Read on to learn more about what this means!!

Weight Lifting After Baby

getting into weight lifting after baby

Dr. Kelly joins one of her fav-PTs, Dr. Chrissy, to chat about how to get into weight lifting after baby! Tips are also good for Cross Fit!

All about VBAC

D. Kelly, pregnant, and on a paddleboard in front of the mountains. Dr. Kelly is revolutionizing pelvic health with an online course to help you learn how to heal your pelvic floor naturally

Dr. Kelly joins Marya Eddaifi, Military Labor & Delivery Nurse (& so much more!) to chat all about VBAC! Learn what VBAC is & More!

Dr. Kelly’s Favorite Things!!

Dr. Kelly holding up a 'thank you' gift from a client--a coffee mug with a picture of a horse with the word "other PTs" over it...then a picture of a unicorn dancing on a pole and "Dr. Kelly" over that. She thinks it is a compliment...or she might be being called a stripper unicorn. Either way, Dr. Kelly is smiling.

Dr. Kelly is asked daily about what products she loves. Online, in the clinic or grocery store. Here is a list of Dr. Kelly’s favorite things!