Blood Flow Restriction for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

A recent case study found that blood flow restriction for pelvic organ prolapse helped to reduce symptoms!

Blood Flow Restriction might help in reducing symptoms of Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Yep. Studies are rolling in that suggest that Blood Flow Resistance (BFR) Training may augment symptom reduction in active mothers who have symptomatic pelvic prolapse, in as little as 3 weeks of training 3x/wk for 20 minutes.

That’s something, right? But let’s back this train back up to the beginning…it often starts with these words…

“You Have Prolapse”

That is often a scary thing to be told. I have another blog post about why I might have a personal bone to pick with the person that told you that. Even if that person was me, 10 years ago. Me of 2023 is angry with me of 2013 for telling you that you had a prolapse. Read this post to learn why.

But I digress…where was I…Oh yes, You may have just received a diagnosis of Pelvic Organ Prolapse and I’m here to tell you to not freak out.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse is a common thing (read my earlier blog post for more juicy deets), that CAN be helped by conservative Physical Therapy Treatments and Pessaries 80% of the time!! And for those other 20% who need surgery? The surgical outcomes are also GREAT, especially if you’ve done your ‘rehab’ before surgery, and do your rehab after! (Need help finding a pelvic PT near you? Read this blog post!!)

If you have 3 minutes, read THIS blog post is about using blood flow restriction as a potential treatment to reduce symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse! If you have 1 minute, watch this video (or watch it here on my Instagram to enjoy it along with music, or LinkedIN for the science facts!!)!

Evidence Supports the use of Blood Flow Restriction to reduce Prolapse Symptoms

Wow. How? Why?

1. The compression of the blood vessels causes the blood to build up in a target area

So here, we have the BFR cuff (or in my case, a theraband, simulating a BFR cuff), at the upper thigh. It is TIGHT…tightened to a self reported discomfort level of 6-7/10. Yikes.

This pools up the blood above the theraband. Right in the region of my hoo-hah.

This blood pooling MAY improve the brains ability to pay attention to this area.

2. The pressure also changes HOW your muscles fire, which can ‘take the load’ off your symptomatic prolapse

Studies show that use of Blood Flow Restriction therapy changes HOW a muscle fires, and even HOW it responds to training.

End result being that you can get the same muscle building effects of strenuous workouts, from lesser aggressive activities, which is a great thing.

The resultant improved muscle changes in the hips from this type of training can improve how you manage pressure, making any prolapse symptoms go away!

3. That’s Cool

Yes it is. Studies show that by doing these exercises as instructed, that subjects reported a reduction in their complaints of pelvic pressure in as little as 3 weeks!!! Check out this post on my LinkedIN for details on dosage, and I’m sure I’ll have a blog post on this site soon!!!

Thanks for Reading!

The most important thing to know is that Prolapse doesn’t have to mean surgery. And it should NEVER mean surgery as a first resort. Conservative Rehab is successful at eliminating or controlling symptoms in 80% of individuals, and there is no reason to not try rehab first. If your physician is pushing surgery without offering prehab, please ask them to document in your chart that you requested the preoperative pelvic PT, and they declined to provide the referral for it…and they will then give the referral, because there is literally no reason to not do that. Only arrogance and ego.

Okay, done with my soapbox for today 🙂

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