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Get ready to wow yourself, and those around you, with your newfound knowledge and trivia mastery surrounding bowel norms!
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Who’s Excited to Learn About Bowel Norms?!?

Apparently, only me.

Seriously. I just did some research on the number of times “bowel norms” is searched for on a monthly basis. Turns out it is NOT a hot topic.

But Bowel Norms SHOULD be a hot topic! Everybody Poops!

Did you know…

Text Describing What is Normal for Bowel Function
Everybody Poops! Understanding what is normal and what is not, as it pertains to poop, is the first step in knowing if your system needs adjusting!

You would be amazed at how many people don’t know you are not supposed to strain when you go poop.

Let me say it again for those in the back:

You should not strain when you go poop.

What do you think about that nugget? Ha! I just said nugget, in a post about bowel norms. I crack myself up!

Speaking of nuggets.

  1. There is a common chart of poop types. Check out this aptly named post, What Should My Poop Look Like?
  2. There is an ideal position. Check out this video from my Instagram for more details on best poop positions (and more blog posts to come on that, in the future, too!)

Bowel Norms. What if I get a BIG URGE to go, and I just can’t hold it in?

Bowel urgency, just like urinary ugency, is a big deal. Sometimes, for many reasons, the urge to defecate (fancy way of saying poop), comes VERY late in the game, and we only get a bit of warning.

Good news? Pelvic floor exercises can often help to reduce this urgency, and appropriate use of lower abdominal muscles in something called ‘the knack’ can reduce urgency to allow you to calmly walk to the bathroom.

I definitely have Bowel Urgency.
I never knew it wasn’t normal.
What do I do about it?

Watch this fun Instagram Reel where I teach you 5 Steps to Not Poop Your Pants 🙂

Check out my Pelvic Floored Signature Lecture Series for a much more in depth training in, specifically, how to do a self pelvic floor muscle exam, to see if hypertonicity (tightness) is contributing to your symptoms of bowel urgency.  I also teach you how to improve the coordination, to reduce this urgency.

My “Poop Course” will launch in late 2022, along with a massive website update (HELLO, User Experience!!), so keep eyes open for that, as well.

And, of course, it’s always a good idea to see your primary care provider in cases of bowel urgency or leakage, as well, just to be sure all your general health screens are up to date.

If a rectocele (small rectal prolapse into vaginal vault) is present, Pelvic PT can help (same success rate as surgery, none of the side effects!), and sometimes a pessary, or surgery is needed.

The key is that in general, however, you should always Try PT First, and that realize that you have active steps to take to address your limitations!

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Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Dr. Kelly

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