How To Not Get Constipated!

Dr. Kelly showing good pooping position. Her knees are higher than her hips, she is leaning slightly forward and is RELAXING her pelvic floor.

Postpartum weight loss shouldn’t be your prime focus during the 4th trimester. Here are some evidence-based tips for setting yourself up for success during the prenatal stage!

How do I relax my pelvic floor?

illustration of pelvic floor muscle spasm with red lightning bolts coming away and word OUCH! nearby. Pain in the abdomen, hips and low back (as well as pelvic floor itself) can cause these muscles to spasm. Persistent spasm can worsen local pain, cause radiating pain into abdomen or legs, and even mimick symptoms of a UTI.

Learning how to relax your pelvic floor muscles is a key part of recovering normal pelvic floor function with regards to continence, pain and intimacy.