Three Easy Things You Can Do TODAY to Not Die While Pregnant!

Well, Sh!t, Pelvic Floored Family! This was NOT the Blog Post that I intended to start 2023 with….but as it’s the middle of March, and I’m all spiced up about this, it is what it is, right? Hey y’all, it’s me, Dr. Kelly Sadauckas, DPT, OCS, WCS, one of less than one hundred Doctors of […]

Heart Rate Changes in Pregnancy!!

Dr. Kelly, Pelvic PT Extraordinaire, 9 months pregnant, sitting on a rock in front of the Teton Mountain Range, gazing happily at her growing belly.

Your amazing body is growing another human. So there are going to be some system changes. Here’s what happens to your heart rate in pregnancy.

Best Birthing Positions!

A very pregnant Dr. Kelly looks adoringly at her pregnant belly, in front of the Teton mountain Range

Are you #duein2022 & wanting to know the best birth positions? Read on to discover what positions have highest & lowest tearing rates!