How Your #2 is Ruining Your #1 (& Your Vag)

Dr. Kelly on an outhouse toilet, straining to have a bowel movement because her knees are below her hips.

Abnormal Poops Don’t Just Suck.  They Also Cause Other Pee, Poop and Seggsy Time Problems 🙁 Chronically irritated (loose) or constipated (hard) poops can BOTH lead to other pee problems, prolapse problems, pelvic pain, and further poop problems (hello, hemorrhoids!!).  Hi  🙂 I’m Dr. Kelly Sadauckas (sed-OW-skiss, thanks for asking). I am one of a […]

Pelvic Organ Prolapse Incidence

Dr. Kelly, one of only 72 Double Board Certified Specialists in the USA

Pelvic Prolapse is a common medical finding, present in over 75% of people with vaginas, even if they haven’t had babies. Should we worry?