The Postpartum Course

You asked, I delivered!  Tee…hee…well, technically you delivered, but I’m here to help put the pieces together again!  The Postpartum Course is a collection of Dr. Kelly’s favorite tips and exercises to connect your brain to your body, and return to life, postpartum!

Vag Lab

Yay!!  Your Vag is SO happy that you are here!!

Bump Lab

Hi there, gorgeous! I hope you enjoy Bump Lab!  Click on the Lesson below for everything you ever wanted to know about your changing body, and growing baby, during the next 9 months!

The Pregnancy Course

A very pregnant Dr. Kelly looks adoringly at her pregnant belly, in front of the Teton mountain Range

Congratulations on your Pregnancy and DOUBLE congratulations on wanting to stay active!    This course has THREE incredible sections.  Bump Lab will teach you what’s going on “in there” during these next 9 months, the Evergreen Section teaches you tips to manage life’s aches and pains, as well as pregnancy specific modifications to help you […]

Push Prep

A very pregnant Dr. Kelly looks adoringly at her pregnant belly, in front of the Teton mountain Range

Welcome to Pelvic Floored’s Push Prep! I am SO EXCITED YOU ARE HERE! The more you know about labor and delivery, the better your mind, body and soul can handle all the expected (& unexpected)! I’m proud of you and honored to be a part of this great adventure! Click “Expand All” to see all […]

“Mind The Gap.” The Diastasis Recti Course

Mind the Gap Banner. Purple background with small black silhouette of pregnancy person to left of "Mind the Gap" in script, and black silouette of person lifting a child to right of script.

Hi there, gorgeous! I’m so glad you are here! Let’s get the waiver reviewed and signed, so that we can get you on your road to recovery! This course is perfect for anyone who is at risk for (or who has) Diastasis Recti! You can, of course, repeat this course as often as you’d like, […]

Pelvic Floored Signature Lecture & Exercise Series

Pelvic Floored Signature Lecture and Exercise Video Series Screenshot

Dr. Kelly here, teaching you everything your parents, doctors and teachers didn’t, about your pelvis and pelvic floor!   Scroll down, and start with “The Lectures”, and, at a minimum, watch Pelvic Pressure Basics before beginning General Exercise Series 1. That ensures that you understand my lingo, and what we are working on! Before you […]