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You asked, I delivered! ┬áTee…hee…well, technically you delivered, but I’m here to help put the pieces together again! ┬áThe Postpartum Course is a collection of Dr. Kelly’s favorite tips and exercises to connect your brain to your body, and return to life, postpartum!

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The Legal Stuff
Start Here!! Weeks 0-4 after delivery
Level 1: 2-4 weeks after vag delivery, 6-8 weeks after Cesarean
Level 2: 4-6 weeks after vag delivery, 8-10 weeks after Cesarean
Level 3: 6-8 weeks after vag delivery, 10-12 weeks after cesarean
Level 4: 8-10 weeks after vag delivery, 12-14 weeks after cesarean
level 5+: 12 weeks and beyond postpartum! Return to Run, Jump & Life!