Evidence Based Dietary Tips for Less Period Pain!

Moving forward in our quest to improve periods for everyone with vaginas, here are some evidence based dietary tips for less period pain!
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Evidence Based Dietary Tips for Less Period Pain!

Evidence Based? Dietary Tips for Less Period Pain? Yes. Check out my IGTV talk from March 17th, 2021,  between myself, @therealpelvicfloored and Acupuncturist @erinborbet as we discuss Eastern and Western philosophies on menstruation and associated symptoms! How are they the same? How do they differ? Did you even know Pain Free Periods could be a thing? This is the third in a series of blog posts with tips for less period pain!

Do you want Evidence Based dietary tips for less period pain?

Me too.

Let’s begin by examining one 2016 Western medicine article “Comparison of Lifestyles of Young Women with and without Primary Dysmenorrhea” (PMCID: PMC4844476). Key takeaways is:

Nutrition Matters.

I know, are you blown away? Want more specifics? Me too:

1. Eating foods that contain high levels of magnesium can reduce the severity of dysmenorrhea by reducing the synthesis of prostaglandin and reducing muscle spasms.

2. Eating a high-fiber diet can increase the sex hormone-binding globulins, thereby reducing the synthesis of prostaglandin, also resulting in less pain.

3. Eating less animal fats reduces the synthesis of prostaglandins = less pain

4. Salt has been shown to increase vasopressin and oxytocin, thereby increasing the intensity of dysmenorrhea. Eat less salt.

Have you seen my face when Erin told me pain free periods were a thing? Yep. That was it!

Picture of Kelly, looking shocked and unelieving at a picture of Erin Borbet, an accupuncturist, who has just told Kelly that periods should be symptom free.  Kelly doesn't believe her yet in this picture, but does by the end of the article.
Kelly’s face after Erin told her that periods should be symptom free. We did an incredible Instagram LIVE (my first one ever), and you can watch it on my Instagram account.

Why do these dietary tips for less period pain matter?

Because 80% of people with vaginas experience painful periods, and they confuse “common” with normal.

I challenge you to educate at least 3 people in the next 3 days about the idea of Pain Free (or at least less painful!) Periods. Then, check out the IGTV talk recording for more details, check out a couple of my earlier posts about how the hormonal control of the monthly flow actually works, as well as other lifestyle changes we can make to improve hormonal balance and reduce period pain. All are amazing resources. And, of course, and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be THE FIRST to know about new blog posts on this amazing topic. It might just change your life, or the life of someone you love!

Pick one of the 4 above tips and work on it for the next month. Yes, month. Real change takes time and deliberate choice.

Pick either the one thing you think is the biggest contributor to your negative symptoms, or the one thing you thing you have the power to make the biggest change over. Then be proud of yourself for your efforts. Report back with how your symptoms are doing, especially if there was a big change-we want to shout that from the rooftops to improve other people’s motivation to improve their lives!

People with vaginas, we can have better periods. Let’s do this together, for all of us.

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Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Dr. Kelly

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