Does Exercising When Pregnant Hurt The Baby?

Does exercising when pregnant hurt the baby? No. Read on to find out the many benefits of exercising while pregnant!
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Does Exercising When Pregnant Hurt The Baby?


This has been a hot topic of late, and the answer to the question of “Does Exercises When Pregnant Hurt the Baby?” is an emphatic NO.

Not only does it not hurt the baby, it actually improves blood flow to the placenta and is AMAZE-BALLS for the person growing the baby in their belly. I’ll give summaries of a few personal fav studies in both layman’s text, and also include the reference, for Geek’s like me!

Exercise Doesn’t Harm the Baby

First of all, let’s start with the studies that show that exercise during pregnancy does not lead to lower birth weights or other negative effects.

  1. This cool Danish study found no negative effects on baby in mother’s who exercised regularly during pregnancy.
  2. Another neat study found no negative effects on baby in mom’s who exercised, even if the caloric intake wasn’t as high as was ideal. That doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be negative effects for mama in that case, so let’s be sure to get enough fuel in your tank, people.

Benefits for the Baby

Numerous studies have shown that not only is exercise not harmful to the baby, but that it is actually beneficial!

  1. The LeMoyne Study was a randomized controlled trial that showed that babies whose mother’s exercised prenatally had increased brain activity from days 8-12 when compared to babies whose mothers did not exercise while pregnant!
  2. The Dominiques Study showed improved IQ scores at ages 1, 2 and 4 in babies whose mothers exercised while pregnant!

Benefits for the Person Growing the Baby

  1. The same Danish Study that showed no negative effects for baby also showed reduced birth length in people who exercised while pregnant!
  2. The Hinman Study was a Review that showed MANY benefits, including reduced risk of Cesarean delivery, and shortened second stage of labor (the part when the baby is coming down and you push it out)

We will have to talk another time about what exercises are appropriate, though. And how something like, say, running, at a certain point in pregnancy won’t hurt baby….but might be a big load on mama’s feet and spine and pelvic floor…but that’s for another time.

Geek Squad: Study Links

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The Study that showed no deficits in birth weight in mothers who exercised, even if their caloric intake was lower than ideal. Giroux I, Inglis SD, Lander S, Gerrie S, Mottola MF. Dietary intake, weight gain, and birth outcomes of physically active pregnant women: a pilot study. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2006;31(5):483–489.

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Thanks for Reading!

I hope this helps answer the question of “Does Exercising While Pregnant Hurt the Baby”? And I hope you can now confidently say NO!!

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xoxo, Dr. Kelly

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