Dr. Kelly is Moving!!!

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Dr. Kelly is moving her clinical practice location AND expanding online services to world-wide!!

The news is OUT, Online Booking for January 1 is LIVE and filling up fast, and I could not be more excited.

And, to be honest, a bit apprehensive…because I really could not love my current coworkers any more than I do–they are legitimately the best humans on the planet. But…I’m still excited 🙂

Here are some common questions I have been receiving since making the big announcement last month…

When are you starting at your new place?

January 3, 2023!!

The new clinic will be located in the private spa space of Barefoot Fitness & Pilates at 53 Depot Ave, Driggs, ID 83422. You take the scenic concrete path between the Royal Wolf and Barefoot, pass Dory’s Cafe (pop in if you need a latte, or to use the restroom before your visit), then continue on to the next door on the right!!

Why are you branching off on your own?

While I could not love the team at Streubel more than I do, this transition has been a long time in the coming.

Hubs and I were about 2 weeks away from moving to Europe in early 2020, but “thanks” to a global pandemic, we didn’t…that (is another blog post or 20 in itself AND…) was a blessing, but it also nudged me to get my online patient facing courses up and running. As I did that, it made me realize that I really did crave more outreach for Pelvic Health.

I realized that my heart is in educating ‘the people’, and reaching people all over the world, via online courses, and PT visits, fulfilled a part of me that I didn’t know needed attention.

So…I actually started talking to Frankie in late 2019, early 2020, about collaborating…but then the pandemic hit…and my boys were home schooling, and hubs and I were not in Europe, and (like most parents) were struggling just to keep our heads above water…so I “pinned the thought” of private practice to the wall.

But…then…the years passed…and, like a butterfly, I realized that it was time to change.

Will you accept insurance?


Long story, but this is also a part of the decision to branch out on my own.

I was tired…of insurance telling me how long I could see my clients for each session, and for how many sessions…

I was tired… of insurance not reimbursing for wellness visits, or for functional strength for post menopausal people, or people growing other humans…or people who just literally created and birthed other humans, and who “just” needed strengthening…

So I decided to make a change.

By changing to a cash practice, YOU AND I get to decide TOGETHER how many visits you need, to reach your goals. YOU AND I get to decide what we work on in a session.

And, dang it, if your goal is to run faster, be stronger, or look a different way, we can work on it, because no one else (namely insurance companies) get to get in the way!

How much do visits cost?

As of January, 2023, I am able to provide world class Pelvic PT evaluations (initial visits) for US$250. Follow-up visits for established clients are US$150. This is actually below the national average of US$350 for evaluations, and $250 for follow-ups, and I am able to do this by streamlining scheduling and billing services, so that I have minimal overhead.

You benefit from my 20 years of experience in the Pelvic PT field, and the fact that I have an amazing compilation of Pelvic Rehab videos already completed, so that I can share them with you, and not have to burden you with costs and time of production!

Will my insurance reimburse me?

Possibly. Here’s the Cliff Notes:

  1. Medicare and Medicaid WILL NOT REIMBURSE for these cash services. Do not try, you will be wasting your time.
  2. Most other private insurers WILL reimburse…BUT…the amount of your reimbursement depends (as always) on whether you have met your deductible, and then what your specific Physical Therapy coverage is.

I am still “in-network” with most major insurers through June, 2023, but then will let this lapse. E-mail me if this irritates you, and we can chat further, as I am always open to dialogue. But the fact is that when I continue to be ‘in-network’, the amount of extra documentation I need to do (for one major insurer, in fact…but one that I cannot opt out of), adds about 20% time to my work day…so when I see clients 10 hours a day…there’s two extra hours of documentation :(.

And it gets worse…that 20% of extra time…results in 5% of my revenue stream. Ugh. And, again, I can’t opt out of that ONE insurer, and continue to accept the other. Yuck.

So, payment at the time of my in-person or online visits is expected, and after the session, you will receive a copy of a paid invoice that you can (as long as you are NOT Medicare or Medicaid), submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement.

There is no guarantee that you will be reimbursed, or at what percentage, but you can rest assured that you are receiving TOP NOTCH, WORLD CLASS, pelvic health care from one of only 72 Doctors of Physical Therapy who are DOUBLE Board Certified in Orthopedics and Pelvic Health…so there’s that 🙂

And please remember that you are not alone!!! Dr. Kelly has trained thousands of Pelvic PTs around the USA, and helped thousands of patients JUST LIKE YOU, resolve their leaks, pain and pressure complaints, and get back to tpainfree seggsy-time…so there’s that :).

Stop wasting money on covering the symptoms

Start investing in YOU.
Your body, Your Health, Your Future.

Your “happy ever after” is waiting. You just need to make that appointment with Dr. Kelly, or buy one of her online courses, to grab it! What are you waiting for??

Thanks for Reading!

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Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Dr. Kelly

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Dr. Kelly is Moving!!!
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