About – Dr. Kelly, The Pelvic Health Guru & Pelvic Floored

Dr. Kelly and her young children in front of a colorful background. Dr. Kelly developed her Online Courses to empower you to heal your pelvic floor, naturally. Her Online Courses include research-based, and experience-proven, self assesments and exercise progressions that she herself used to recover her strength and function post-childbirth.
Pelvic Health Guru, Dr. Kelly, developed her Online Courses to empower you to heal your pelvic floor, naturally. Her Online Courses include research-based, and experience-proven, self assesments and exercise progressions that she herself used to recover her strength and function post-childbirth.

I’m on a mission to provide world-class online courses that reduce geographical, psychosocial, & financial barriers to accessing pelvic health information and care. It’s time for all to have access to the best physical therapy and truly revolutionize pelvic health for our generation and beyond!

Your Pelvic Health Guru: Dr. Kelly Sadauckas

Dr. Kelly Sadauckas, DPT, OCS, ITPT, pelvic health guru, has specialized in pelvic health physical therapy for nearly two decades. She has helped thousands of clients overcome pelvic dysfunction, strengthen their core, heal diastasis recti, and reverse their symptoms, naturally!

Pelvic Floored Online Courses were born due to Dr. Kelly’s inability to see all the clients who desired her expertise, personally. The Courses give everyone equal access to her unique approach and assessment, in the privacy of their own home.

Before graduating with high clinical honors from Marquette University’s esteemed Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, Kelly wanted to learn how to help her clients that were collegiate athletes, who were confiding in her that they were peeing their pants while sprinting, spiking, throwing, etc. Kelly knew that “just telling someone to do kegels doesn’t work”..but that was about it.  She wanted to know more. An amazing course with the Herman Wallace institute, followed by a clinical rotation at University of Michigan MedRehab that specialized in Pelvic Health, was the springboard that led to a swan dive into all that is pelvic health for the next 15 years.



Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Science (yes, I have a BS in BS, baby!!), with a minor in Chemistry from Marquette University 


Doctor of Physical Therapy, with High Honors (see below), Marquette University

Recipient of the Daniel Strelnick Clinical Award. This award is given to the outstanding clinician in the last year of the professional phase from the entire graduating DPT class (which was over 60 talented individuals–so not to brag, but I am kind of a big deal ;)).



Trained with Hollis Herman at Herman Wallace Institute for Pelvic Rehabilitation

Completed a pelvic health internship with University of Michigan, MedRehab

Became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association


Completed the full Herman Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Series

Successfully treated thousands of athletes and humans with leak, pressure and pain complaints


Became  a Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedics

Moved to the mountains, and launched Driggs Sports Medicine Institute

Offered public facing in person and online courses for prenatal, postpartum and beyond!

Offered professional facing continuing education, geared towards evidence based practice in orthopedics, as well as pelvic health assessment and interventions


Expanded Professional Facing Trainings to include development of White Label Pelvic Health Programs for multiple hospital and health care systems across the US

Provided Professional Mentorship Programs to Pelvic PTs worldwide, including specific coaching for Board Certified Specialist Exam Prep.

Late 2019 

With both children in school for the first time, Dr. Kelly ‘had time’ and decided to shift her focus from primarily professional-facing courses, to primarily people-facing courses!

In Dec of 2019, Dr. Kelly shuttered Driggs Sports Medicine, and launched Pelvic Floored, with a goal of removing geographic, financial and psychosocial barriers that are blocking humans from accessing world class pelvic health information and treatments.

Then COVID happened…and the kids came back home to home school…so the Pelvic Floored Project progressed a wink slower than anticipated…but it still happened!!!

2020 – Present

Dr. Kelly became a Board Certified Specialist in Pelvic Health (making me one of 72 PTs who are double Board Certified  in Pelvic Health & Orthopedics…in the World!!)

The launch of The Signature Series, a complete streamable series of Pelvic PT lessons, interventions and self-assessments, was met with accolades from the Pelvic PT world. 

Expanding courses of Push Prep, Vag Lab and Mind the Gap (the Diastasis Course) have helped hundreds of individuals, who otherwise would not have had access to Pelvic PT or rehab services, successfully manage their conditions without surgery!!

Addition of Your Rad Pregnancy gives YOU access to THE Pregnancy Strength and Wellness class that Dr. Kelly wishes she had when she was expecting! Partnering with Dr. Chrissy Clark, a Board Certified Specialist and Crossfit Level 2 instructor, gives YOU access to coaching from two of the top PTs in the field of pelvic health!!

Switch to cash-pay, and online visits, via the Jane App (https://pelvicfloored.janeapp.com/ ) allow Dr. Kelly to see clients anywhere, worldwide! 

The Future

The Prostatectomy Course will revolutionize pelvic health for people with penises!! 

Pelvic Pain courses, Bleed Better (Period Courses), Dr. Kelly’s Kegel Camp (Dr Kelly’s Online Course for kids with pee & poop problems) and MORE will be dropping in 2023, so STAY TUNED because we are going to be changing lives daily!!

Dr. Sadauckas has successfully treated thousands of individuals with both male and female anatomy, from many common but not normal conditions. The list of conditions that can be helped naturally, by her various Online, Streamable, Courses, include:

  • Urinary or fecal incontinence
    – Leaking #1 or #2 with jumping, laughing, sneezing, coughing
    – Remember, friend, NO AMOUNT of leakage is EVER normal.
  • Urinary or fecal frequency and urgency
    – Going #1 more often than every 2 hours, or getting the signal to go #1 or #2 AND HAVING TO RUN TO THE BATHROOM TO AVOID AN ACCIDENT!
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
    – Feelings of pressure and uncomfortable vaginal pressure or heaviness
  • Childbirth Recovery
    – We can help whether delivery was 4 weeks, or 40 years, ago!
  • Pelvic pain
    – Does your vagina hurt with tampon use, sexual intimacy or OB-exams?
    – Do you have uncontrolled tailbone pain? Scrotal pain?
    – Are tight pants uncomfortable? Like your undercarraige is just irritated?
  • Back Pain
    – Especially pesky back pain that hasn’t resolved, even though you’ve ‘done all the right things’…maybe it’s your pelvic floor tugging on your back, friend 🙂
  • Diastasis Recti
    – A gap between your abdominal muscles, can happen if you have a vagina or a penis, so don’t think it’s only those postpartum moms!
  • Push Prep
    – You asked, Dr. Kelly listened. Pelvic Floored’s Push Prep class will be arriving in the Shop soon. Education for both partners and practical advice to empower you.
  • Buldging Belly or Other Postural or Balance Concerns
    – Do you just feel ‘off’ since having a baby? Or maybe you’ve felt ‘off’ your whole life? Sometimes connecting to your pelvic floor is what you need to be grounded.
  • And lots of other ‘fancy’ and ‘scary’ names for the above diagnoses (& others), including: dyspareunia, vaginismus, interstitial cystitis, nocturia, polyuria, lumbosacral radiculopathy, urinary retention, erectile dysfunction. I include these for those of you Googling the prescription that your doctor may have given you, in hopes you find this course, and good information 🙂

She routinely receives referrals from orthopedic surgeons after complex pelvic and spinal fractures, especially when bladder rupture is involved.  She has developed an extensive network of referral sources from urologists, understanding that those with male anatomy suffer these conditions as well, and that male pelvic pain and erectile dysfunction are just as overlooked (if not moreso!) than their counterparts with female anatomy.  While these cases do require in person care, these complex clients might also benefit from purchasing Dr. Kelly’s Online Courses to supplement their in person therapy with specific pelvic floor work, especially if their primary provider is not trained in internal assessment and treatment.

Pelvic Floored®

Pelvic Floored® was born from Dr. Kelly wanting to share her knowledge with the world, whiel realizing she cannot personally treat everyone who desires to see her in person. To bridge this gap, she created this website that offers world-class, accessible information at two different access levels:

  1. Free stuff: Overviews of “What’s Normal” and “What’s Not”, and Basic Tips on “What To Do About It” are available FOR FREE via the Education & Blog tabs on the main website, as well as through Dr. Kelly’s presence on Instagram
  2. Full, In-Depth Courses, are available for purchase on the website. These health and wellness courses, offer education and exercises that closely mirrors what would be provided to you in an in-person pelvic floor physical therapy session, but for a fraction of the cost. These streamable courses are accessible to you in the privacy of your own home, removing may geographic and time barriers that exist and prevent many people from accessing Pelvic PT care.

Our Mission & Vision are Important

80% of individuals will suffer a pelvic complaint in their lifetime, and they will wait, on average, 5-7 years to seek help.  That is 5-7 years of suffering immediate and secondary damages, that could be avoided if earlier communication and access to medical care was available.

And “routine” postpartum visits?  to teach new mothers about their amazing bodies and how to help them heal?  Non existent in many countries. If they are…it is often just to be told “you’re cleared” with no guidance on HOW to reconnect to our cores.

Pelvic Floored® To The Rescue:
A Pelvic Health Guru In Your Home!

We will succeed because we have to.

The current tendencies of the medical community to ignore pelvic health conditions are doing a huge disservice to generations of families.  Our mothers and grandmothers tell us “it’s normal” that sex hurts…because that’s all they’ve known.  And “it’s normal” that you pee your pants after having a baby….because that’s all they’ve known.  That brings tears to my eyes…and not happy ones.

Their pelvis is worth fighting for, and so is yours. 

Sex doesn’t have to hurt. Urine can stay in the bladder, and our low back and sacroiliac joints can learn to behave better. We can exercise safely in prenatal trimesters, and learn safe ways to get our body back postpartum. All we have to do is understand how our body is supposed to work, learn how to talk to our body, how to listen to what it is telling us, and we can take our lives back, and in doing so, give more complete pelvic lives to all those who follow behind us.

Join us in the Pelvic Floored® Revolution

And, remember, when you’re Floored® by the information you learn, please
Tell Your Friends, Tell Your Kids and Tell Your Parents.

Together, we will raise the standard of pelvic health care
for the entire world… starting with you.

— Dr. Kelly

Our mission is to provide world-class online courses that reduce geographical, psychosocial, & financial barriers to accessing pelvic health information and care.

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