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2 years after winning the world championships in 2019, the fracturing her pelvis in a terrible Christmas Eve car wreck, she wanted a new record. What happened to Kait Boyle?
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What Happened to Kait Boyle?

Less than 2 months after winning the 2019 24-hour Mountain Bike World Championships, Kait Boyle was in a car wreck that left her in a wheelchair with a fractured pelvis, ruptured bladder…and other things. 2 years later, she attempted a Fastest Known Time attempt on the Kokopelli trail. Did she do it? Or not?? This post is going to update you on what happened to Kait Boyle in that Fastest known time attempt 🙂

Let’s start with a quick recap:

Kait Boyle, Professional Mountain Biker, riding her Mountain Bike down a small slope with American Flag draped over her shoulders. Kait won the 2019 World Champtionships in 24-Hour Mountain Biking.
Kait Boyle winning 24-Hour Mountain Biking World Title in October 2019..

2 months later, she was in that car wreck that left her in a wheelchair, with fractured leg bones, ruptured bladder, and ….well…this on the inside…

Kait's Pelvis, Screwed together after a car accident threatened to take her life and career
Bedsides the belly scar, the presence of these screws are the biggest reminder of what happened to Kait Boyle.

and this on the outside..

Kait Boyle, 2018 24-hour Mountain Bike World Chamption, in external fixator (ex fix) doing early physical therapy exercises. Here she is sidelying, performing what is commonly called a 'clamshell', an exercise for your gluteus medius.
Yep. That’s metal rigging, holding her the front of her pelvis together.

And yet…6 months later…
with Dr. Kelly’s help…

Kait Boyle, performing her Kokopelli Time Trial Prep mountain bike riding in summer of 2020, descnding a trail in the midst of green foilage.
Kokopelli Time Trial Prep: Not a bad job if you can get it….and are ready to work your butt off for it.

And now it’s the fall of 2020 and Kait wants to try to set a Fastest Known Time on The Kokopelli Trail

She wants to be “Fastest For Now”

If you read my first and second posts about Kait’s preparation for this effort, you know that it wasn’t easy, but that she entered the attempt feeling, in some ways, stronger than ever.

1. It is a long ride…

The Kokopelli Trail is 137 miles long, and runs from Fruta, CO to Moab, UT. It is a combination of 4×4 trails, gravel roads and real-deal-singletrack.

2. With lots of climbing…

It has nearly 15,000 feet of climbing.

3. And for an FKT, you can’t have help.

From the Singletracks Blog about this effort, they state that the idea of the FKT is that the attempt must be completely self-supported. No help whatsoever. Just you and your bike. Yikes.

4. Let’s Ride

Would Kait’s Pelvis stand up to the effort? She rode her heart out for 13 hours and 7 minutes…powering through back spasms and fatigue…what happened to Kait Boyle?

Watch this amazing short, sponsored by Kurt Racks (& others) to discover more!!!

Turns out that Kait’s effort WAS enough for her to set the new Fastest Known Time. And as of 2022, that time still stands.

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