Heart Rate Changes in Pregnancy!!

Your amazing body is growing another human. So there are going to be some system changes. Here's what happens to your heart rate in pregnancy.
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News Flash: Being Pregnant Changes Some Body Functions!

Forgive my French, but no Sh!t, Sherlock! You are growing another human, you superhero, you!! Of course we will have heart rate changes in pregnancy!!

But do you know HOW being pregnant changes your cardiovascular system (heart and blood supply) and WHAT this means for your daily workout? Read on to learn more, my friend!

Being pregnant increases our blood supply

As we are growing another human, we need more materials to work with, and our amazing body increases the blood supply to accomplish this. BUT…the body takes a while to adjust to these changes, so ‘how’ the body reacts, and ‘how’ we need to adjust our workouts, varies depending on where we are in our pregnancy!

Early in Pregnancy, Our Body Isn’t Used to the New Volume Yet

So we have all this new blood volume, but our body is still using it’s ‘old’ heart rate and blood pressure to manage this new volume…and it’s just the right mix.

Add into this, the fact that your blood vessels are all “loosey-goosey” (to use a technical term) from the baby-hormones. The result is that a lot of this new blood gets stuck in our hands and legs (HELLO, SWELLING!).

And if the blood is stuck in our legs and hands…it’s not in our brains. And your amazing body notices this…so early in pregnancy the brain will increase your heart rate, in order to get enough blood (which carries oxygen and nutrients) to vital organs.

So this is why at 10 weeks, you might not even be showing yet, and your heart is racing from walking up and down the stairs once. And why your heart rate might be a bit high, even at rest.

Later in Pregnancy, Our Amazing Body Adapts to this New Blood Volume

Later in pregnancy, your body has now adjusted to the ‘flexy’ vessels, and has increased the amount of blood in your system. This means that your heart is filling more efficiently.

Your heart is now effectively in “Boss Mode”, and therefore not having to beat as fast, because it’s moving A LOT of blood in a really good way. So now your heart rate is lower. 

Practically, this means that later in pregnancy, you might feel like you’re really working hard, and your heart rate not really increase the same way it did before baby was on board.

So early in pregnancy, heart rate is higher than usual. Later in pregnancy, it is lower than usual.

Wow. So that’s how your heart rate changes during pregnancy as your rad body grows this human! Check out this post for what this means for your daily workout!

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