How Acupuncture Reduces Inflammation

Has acupuncture or dry needling reduced your pain? A cool new study shows how acupuncture reduces inflammation. Read on to learn more!
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“Have You Tried Acupuncture?”

Has anyone ever asked you that??

“Does it work?” You might ask….

“HOW does it work?” is actually a better question…and in the past decade, but especially the past few years, researchers are actually discovering how acupuncture reduces inflammation. Do you want to learn more?

How acupuncture reduces inflammation

Young woman getting acupuncture. A manicured hand is touching one of many needles.
How acupuncture reduces inflammation and pain is being researched,
with interesting findings!!

As published in the 2022 edition of Nature, Liu et al recently published an article that isolated a specific group of neurons in the back limbs that must be present for acupuncture to trigger a systemic anti-inflammatory response.

In layman’s terms, the takeaway is that if we are seeking acupuncture for global pain relief, treatments to our back legs will work, but treatments to our tummy won’t.

Acupuncture can stop a Cytokine Storm

Torres-Rosas R, et al in 2014 demonstrated that electroacupuncture could not only reduce pain, but could also reduce susceptibility to sepsis, and prevent a so-called “cytokine storm” via anti-inflammatory Signal Pathways.

That’s a big deal.

What does that mean in layman’s terms?

That means that if you haven’t tried acupuncture, and your financial and physical situation allows you to try it, that you should consider trying it, or at least talk to your primary medical provider about it.

There is not scientific evidence that shows that acupuncture (especially that to the lower legs) can cause a body-wide anti-inflammatory reaction, with some studies showing it reduces likelihood of sepsis and others showing a response strong enough to inhibit a cytokine storm.

Are their side effects to be concerned of?

Nothing is without any side effects, and side effects of acupuncture could include the following (as well as others): pain, nausea, rash, infection, bruising… so please discuss this with your physician.

Contraindications of acupuncture?

Again, it may vary depending on personal situation. Discuss the potential risks, benefits and potential appropriateness of acupuncture with your own personal physician to see if it is for you!

The Geeky Stuff. References, etc…

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