How do I Find a Pelvic PT Near Me?

Dr. Kelly wants you to be able to find your unicorn pelvic PT near you!
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“How do I find a Pelvic PT near me?”

This is a question I get often–“Dr. Kelly, how do I find a pelvic PT near me?” Let me tell you!

Dr. Kelly holding up a 'thank you' gift from a client--a coffee mug with a picture of a horse with the word "other PTs" over it...then a picture of a unicorn dancing on a pole and "Dr. Kelly" over that. She thinks it is a compliment...or she might be being called a stripper unicorn. Either way, Dr. Kelly is smiling.
Dr. Kelly wants you to find your Unicorn PT! It might be her, or she’s happy to help you ‘find a pelivic PT near you!

Steps to Finding a Pelvic PT Near You!

1. Google “Pelvic PT/Pelvic Physio Near Me” (pick which verbiage fits with where you live)

Thank the Google Universe. This is a pretty good way to find anyone near you who lists Pelvic PT on their website. Which…if they are a pelvic physio, it should be on their website.

See if there is one close by to you…then do a bit more research!!

2. Check the practitioners website

At minimum, it should have a list of their qualifications, trainings and services offered. Check specifically to see if they have been trained in internal pelvic floor muscle assessment. External and biofeedback only is okay, but it’s nice to have a therapist trained to assess ‘all of you’, especially when you’re ready to get your life back!

3. Talk to your medical provider, and friends!

Useful if you have more than one option and don’t know who to pick, but also good to decide if you will stay local, or travel, for pelvic care. Your friends, or medical providers, may have pelvic health practitioners that they regularly work with, and they can guide you in choosing one who is a good fit for you.

4. Do a social media search-inquiry

This expands the suggestions from your immediate friend group, into the community at large. Especially useful in rural areas, asking other people who they’ve gone to can help you reap the benefits of that person’s trial and errors!

5. Check Professional Website

a. The Herman Wallace Institute has a Find a Pelvic Practitioner site. There is a list of all Pelvic PTs who have registered, as well as Practitioners who have achieved a Pelvic Rehab Practitioner Certificate (a test of pelvic floor specific manual therapy and interventions)

b., then “Menu” then “Find a PT.” From here, you can select “Practice Focus: Pelvic Health” OR Board Certified Specialist “Women’s Health.”

This is a cool option, but it does limit you to providers that are members of the American Physical Therapy Association (which is not all PTs). I humbly believe that PTs that are members of the APTA generally deeply about their profession…or at least are willing to spend extra money to join this organization.

You shouldn’t rule out a PT just because they’re not on these lists, but if you are searching, and it’s between one who is a member, and one is ins’t, I might be inclined to go the one who is a member. Personal opinion, please take it as that.

6. Final Check (if able): Are they Board Certified?

The bottom box on the Find a PT on checklist, is Find By Specialist.

You can enter Women’s Health.

These are the ‘creme de la creme’ of Pelvic PTs, in general. Not only have they done >1000 hours of direct patient care, and they take the effort to belong to their professional organization, they have spent countless hours rigorously studying the newest evidence, then sitting for an extensive exam that surrounds all things in Women’s Health, not just the pelvic floor.

Thanks for Reading!

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Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Dr. Kelly

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