How can kegel training make the world a better place?

Incontinence is expensive & generates mounds of trash. Proper kegel training that includes relaxation and bearing down, can save the world.
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How can kegel training make the world a better place?

Did you know that 80% of individuals will suffer some form of pelvic pain or incontinence in their lifetime? 

That’s 8 out of 10 people. The same number of people will also suffer back pain.  But guess what?  When an individual has back pain, they’ll get medical help within 2 weeks. Pelvic Pain or Incontinence, they’ll wait 5-7 YEARS to bring it up. 

That’s crap, my friends.

5-7 YEARS of a person’s life, suffering pain or leakage, feeling alone and broken. Cost of medical appointments, medical devices, medications, and internal cost of suffering, depression, and feeling broken. 

Pelvic Floored is here to revolutionize how pelvic floor exercises, commonly called Kegel Training, are understood, taught and accessed, world wide.  It’s true that ‘just telling’ someone to do kegel training isn’t worth much, but training someone to do Kegels properly, and coordinating those muscles with the kinetic chain that is our incredible body, that can change the world.

See this amazing post on how to get started (pro tip, it’s pretty much never just that we need to tighten more…it is usually something else…), then READ on to see how Kegel training can, in fact, change the world.

Kegel Training Can
Change The World

Think it’s a bold statement? Consider: 

  • Reduce that 5-7 years of suffering down to 4 weeks before someone reaches out for care. Average results are seen in 6 months. That individual is now back to a fully functioning member of society for 4.5 to 6.5 more years. That is 4.5 to 6.5 more years to be productive in their chosen life path; 4.5 to 6.5 more years to play with their children, friends and loved ones;  4.5-6.5 more years to invent, explore, discover cold fusion, etc.
  • That individual now has 4.5-6.5 LESS years of pain, so less chance of developing depression and other mental illness.  
  • That individual now has 4.5-6.5 LESS years of social ostracization from ‘smell’ of urine, or self-isolation due to fear of leakage, again improving their mental health. 
  • Incontinence products cost an average person $1,300 PER YEAR.  If someone is 50 years old, and lives until they are 90, that is $52,000 they’ve spent on incontinence pads!  YIKES!  What else could they do with that $$.
  • And not only the money, but the WASTE. $52,000 worth of incontinence pads and diapers is a LOT of disposable waste.  Reducing the pad usage by half would be helpful to mother earth…eliminating it?  I feel like hugging Earth right now.  And yes, there are amazing reusable incontinence products that we discuss (in this blog post about leakage underwear).
  • In a study of over 13,000 families, researchers found that happy moms raise kids with fewer mental problems in the next generation. Heal the mamas, heal the world, friends.

That is impressive! I am starting to see how kegels can save the world.   

Gift Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy To Someone In Need

Sometimes this 5-7 year wait is due to a financial barrier (don’t have money to pay, or can’t afford to pay for pelvic floor physical therapy and for groceries); sometimes it is due to a physical or geographical barrier (you physically don’t have a pelvic floor physical therapist nearby you, or physically cannot get to the therapist office); sometimes it is a psychosocial barrier (you, or your loved ones, don’t think it’s appropriate to see a physical therapist, or other medical provider, for these ‘private’ complaints).

YOU have the opportunity to GIFT Pelvic Floored Online Programs to someone in need!! Use THIS LINK to donate directly to our scholarship fund, now!!


Your Purchase of Pelvic Floored products goes ONE STEP FURTHER!

For every 4 sales of the ANY of Pelvic Floored’s Online Programs, we donate one of that same series to someone in need. Your purchase directly supports spreading the wealth of pelvic floor physical therapy to someone in need, and helps to support my mission to remove geographical, financial and psychosocial barriers to accessing high quality pelvic floor physical therapy care.  You are not only improving your own life, but the life of someone else in need, and that is dang fantastic. 

High five to you, and thanks for being a part of the Pelvic Floored Family.

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Let’s go do some Kegels & Save the World.

xoxo, Dr. Kelly

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