5 Tips to Live a Longer Life

Want to live a longer life? Make these easy changes starting TODAY, for a stronger, healthier, tomorrow.
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“What self-health screenings should I be doing this year?”

…this question was NOT at the top of everyone’s Search Engine searches this January 1st…but it should be! Don’t we all want our time on this Earth to be as active, fulfilling and physically comfortable as possible?

Dr. Kelly and her young children in front of a colorful background. Dr. Kelly developed her Online Courses to empower you to heal your pelvic floor, naturally. Her Online Courses include research-based, and experience-proven, self assesments and exercise progressions that she herself used to recover her strength and function post-childbirth.
Pelvic Health Guru, Dr. Kelly, developed her Online Courses to empower you to heal your pelvic floor, naturally. She wants you to live a longer life, with good health, so you can enjoy your children, animals, and-or this beautiful planet for as long as possible!

In that spirit, here are 8 things that you need to start doing, RIGHT NOW, to live longer, better, now & 50 years from now.

Video is 8 min long. Text (follows) is 5 min read.
Pick what works for you!


1. Eat Well

As Michael Pollan says, famously, “Eat Real Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.”

Of the top causes of death in the USA, the top 5 (excluding car accidents), are strongly correlated to diet. Cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes…once you’re diagnosed with these conditions, there is a limit to how much ‘fixing your diet’ can help. BUT, if you start now, you will be set up for life, and have a much better ‘risk profile’ as you age.

This means you’ll be radder, longer.

2. Exercise Regularly

Same rationale as #1. A majority of leading causes of deaths are related to conditions that can be prevented and delayed by regular moderate to vigorous exercise.

Start the habits NOW, and you’ll see immediate gains.

Beyond the prevention of cardiovascular issues (heart attacks, strokes), moderate to vigorous exercise has a protective effect agains Alzheimers, and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Um…staying radder longer…and not loosing your mind? Sign me up!

3. Protect Yourself From the Sun
This reduces skin cancer risk AND prevents wrinkles!

More than just sunscreen…think overall protection from sun with long sleeve shirts, hats, sunglasses. Sunscreen is great, but also pollutes the environment, so if you can use a wearable instead, you get bonus points from Mother Earth!

Double Bonus Points if you play this song daily for the next month. Do it and tell me it didn’t make your days better 🙂

4. Safe Sex Practices

This Means:

  • Consentual Intimate Relations
  • Knowing where that penis-vagina has been lately
  • Using protection if you don’t know where it’s been lately
  • Regular STD testing if you have multiple partners, or suspect infidelity

5. Regular Yearly Physicals

Teenage Years: To establish birth control plan; become comfortable with a medical provider, so if you have concerns, you can go to them.

6. Get to know how YOUR BODY looks

Look at yourself in the mirror. Your breasts, your vulva, your scrotum (yes, men & other people with penises read these, too!).

Get to know how they look at different times of the month, so that you can NOTICE if they change.

Lumps, Bumps, or NEW DIMPLES (especially near the nipple) are concerning

7. Get to know how YOUR BODY feels

Wash yourself, with your hand and soapy water, regularily.

This is better than a loofah or towel, because it lets you FEEL for new nodules or painful spots, then GO to a trusted medical provider if you (or a partner) find something concerning.

Your body is amazing. Don’t be afraid of it.

Remember, breast cancer RARELY hurts. Usually, nodules feel like small almonds or raisins. If it hurts, it is USUALLY a good sign…but monitor it and still get it checked out if it persists.

8. Don’t forget the vulva!

More on this to come, but in general, start looking! Get to know what ‘your normal’ is, so that you can see if there are shape, size or color changes!

Be aware for discharge amount changes, discomfort, etc. Look when you are done going to the bathroom, washing, changing, etc. It’s a part of you!

You’d know if your knee sprouted a cyst, or changed from tan to white…why don’t you pay attention to the vulva in the same way?

9. Post-menopausal Changes

Be aware that certain changes can happen, but know that leaking pee or poop, and pain with sex are NOT. NORMAL. CONSEQUENCES. OF. AGING.

Do we need to say it again for those in the back?

If you are having painful sex, leaking pee or poop (or farts), talk to your trusted primary caregiver! They can help, and so can pelvic PT!

Thanks for Reading!

This is a big deal. We’ll talk later about life expectancies of people with vaginas vs people with penises, and why most of the things that kill us in the end…could be postponed by making simple changes earlier in life.

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Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Dr. Kelly

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