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My name is Dr. Kelly Sadauckas (sad-OW-skiss, thanks for asking).  I am Doctor of Physical Therapy who has specialized in pelvic health evaluation, assessment and interventions for the past 15+ years.  It is my dream to finally be starting this venture to revolutionize pelvic health physical therapy, how we approach pelvic floor physical therapy exercises, and I am thrilled to have you join in the journey!

As an active mother, I am one of you!

I am an active mother of two boys. I know first-hand, how pregnancy, delivery and the post-partum period can change your body. My first, beautiful, child, was born with his arm over his head, leading to 6 months of pelvic pain with intimacy postpartum. My second child was 10 pounds, and when he entered the world, he gifted me with a fractured pelvis, as well as about 6 months of stress incontinence. These changes were clinically interesting to me, but thankfully not scary to me, because I knew how pelvic floor physical therapy trigger point release work and exercises could help my muscles recover.  Performing regular pelvic floor physical therapy exercises and manual work allowed me to return to normal intimacy and physical activity pain free and leakage free, and I remain so to this day.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Exercises Work!

Many individuals enter pregnancy (or spinal injuries and surgeries), do not have the luxury of this knowledge of their pelvic floor muscles, and feel scared and betrayed by their bodies when incontinence or pelvic pain occur. They think they are alone, and that they alone have these complaints. They wonder if they can ever run again, or enjoy sex again (or, frankly, some wonder if they’ll ever be able to enjoy sex in the first place). The worst of it all, however, is when we think it’s normal, and that we ‘just have to live with it’.  So we suffer in silence, as earlier generations have, and the cycle continues.

Pelvic Floored is here to break that cycle. I am here to tell you that you are not alone. You are not broken. We CAN AND SHOULD talk about this. We are here to help.

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Take Action NOW to Reduce Your Incontinence, Urgency, Constipation or Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Floored’s Signature Lecture & Core and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Exercise Video Series

Available for purchase in 2021, this Series will give you access to the highest quality physical therapy education and pelvic floor exercises on the internet. The lectures cover a variety of pelvic health topics, from pelvic pain to leakage and constipation, all for less than the cost of a typical in-clinic evaluation by a PT!

The pelvic floor exercise sessions augment the lecture material, and guide you through a evidence-based progression of physical therapy pelvic floor exercises to reconnect your brain to the key muscles needed to control your leakage, pain or other functional limitation.

Remember that for every 4 sales of the Signature Lecture Series, we donate one full series to someone in need. Your purchase directly supports spreading the wealth of pelvic floor physical therapy to someone in need, and helps to support my mission to remove geographical, financial and psychosocial barriers to accessing high quality pelvic floor physical therapy care.

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Through our social media presence on Instagram, you can follow regular tips and challenges to optimize your pelvic (& dare I say, overall) health, as well as connect with real people who are also struggling with understanding their amazing bodies.  There are amazing posts, live and recorded Q & A’s, exercise sessions, and more! 

New content is added regularily, and collaborating with other pelvic health professionals who are rocking out and improving pelvic health for all!. And, of course, there are give-aways for things that are helping myself, and my clients and friends, live their best lives. 

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Let me know what you need, so I can better tailor my products! 

Email me at, or direct message me on Instagram. I do my best to reply to each message within 48 hours. I look forward to hearing from you, and always welcome stories of individuals who have seen their life change from participation in the Pelvic Floored Program!! With your permission, you could even be featured in some of my accounts! 

Thank you for being a part of the Pelvic Floored family and journey. I’m glad to have you here. 

xoxo, Dr. Kelly

Kelly and Husband smiling and looking at newborn infant child. Kelly suffered pelvic pain after this delivery and was able to rehabilitate her pelvic floor with pelvic floor physical therapy exercises, and is now pain free.
Kelly and Husband smiling with two children
Kelly and Husband smiling with two children, after the birth of her second child, which resulted in Kelly fracturing her pelvis and suffering stress incontinence. Again, Kelly was able to rehabilitate from that delivery injury with pelvic floor physical therapy muscle work and exercises, and is pain and leakage free to this day.
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Pelvic Floored: The Best Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Exercises on the Internet!
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