Pee Problems

Stop Your Pee Problems Today!

Controlling Pee Problems, at the most basic level, is about managing pelvic pressure. If pressure down (from organs, etc) exceeds pressure up (from postural muscles), we might end up with pee-pee in our panties. :( Ready for a secret that ALL Pelvic PTs want you to know? The truth is that getting more pressure up is RARELY about needing to “tighten up” the pelvic muscles more. Yep, most of the time, the pee problem is actually the result of the pelvic muscles being too tight and stiff ALL THE TIME. This not only irritates the urethra (pee hole), making us pee more often and more urgently, but the constant tightness ALSO causes the muscles to be unhealthy, so they can’t keep pee in when we want to! Wild, huh? Dr. Kelly can teach you how to first be aware of this, and then how to fix it, naturally!! Read on for more deets!

What's Normal

  • When Awake, I pee about every 3-4 hours

  • When I do pee, it is for 10-15 seconds

  • My "urge" to pee builds up gradually, over time

  • No dribbles or leaks of pee, ever!

  • My pee stream is easy to start, and keep, and I feel satisfied when done peeing

  • It should never burn when you pee

  • I do not wake up at night to pee

    Unless we are in our 1st of 3rd trimester of pregnancy, or >65 years old, we ought to sleep through the night without awakening to pee (or wetting the bed)!

What's Not Normal

  • When I'm awake, my pees are <3 hours or >4 hours apart

  • When I pee, it takes me <10 seconds to finish

  • My urges to pee come out of nowhere, and are STRONG!!!

  • Sometimes I laugh (cough, cry) so hard, that tears come down my legs...

  • It's hard to start, or keep, my pee stream going. Peeing is just not satisfying.

  • It burns when I pee!

  • I wake up 2-3x a night to pee

    If you are in your 1st or 3rd trimester, or >65 years old, awakening ONE TIME a night to pee is considered 'normal', but Dr. Kelly would still like to get you sleeping through the night!

Dr. Kelly, double board certified specialist, with greenish tint to picture, pointing to pelvis.

Stop Your Pee Problems Today!

Dr. Kelly’s famous Vag Lab is a best selling, 2 hour streamable course that teaches you everything your parents, teachers and doctors didn’t, about your pelvis and your pelvic floor! Dr. Kelly teaches you self assessments, as well as “The Big 3” Pelvic Coordination activities to begin to reduce your symptoms TODAY!

Stop Your Pee Problems Today!

  • Dr. Kelly’s Vag Lab! A 2 hour introduction to all things vag-related, including training in self pelvic floor muscle assessment, self pelvic pressure management assessment, and “The Big 3” exercises to address the root cause of those pelvic pressure problems!
  • The Signature Series! All the training of Vag Lab PLUS 12 weeks of guided exercise progressions for your whole body. The Signature Series takes you from square one, up to return to participation in desired fitness classes and life
  • Leak Lab!  Coming Soon!

Curious how Dr. Kelly might be able to help?

Dr. Kelly is a double Board Certified Badass, here to teach you everything your parents, teachers & doctors DIDN’T about your pelvis & pelvic floor. Many of us suffer needlessly from “common, but not normal” leaks and urges listed above. Dr. Kelly teaches us how to put our Mind Over Bladder, and restore “normal” pee function. Using the most up-to-date, evidence-based exercises, and lifestyle modifications, Dr. Kelly gives you tips that are easy to incorporate into your busy life, and most clients begin to see positive results within 2 weeks! Don’t wait another moment, start your “happily ever after” today, with one of Dr. Kelly’s online programs, or work with her one on one!

You CAN Stop Peeing Your Pants AND Reduce Pee Anxiety!!

Stop being limited by leaks! Stop wasting money on pads to cover the symptom! Start investing in your body, your future, YOURSELF!! Heal you body naturally from the privacy of your home, at your own speed with one of Dr. Kelly’s streamable online courses, or work with her one on one in person or online!


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