Poop Problems

Better Poops Can Be Yours!

Everybody poops, and Dr. Kelly thinks that most of us can Poop Better. Did you know that pooping should be a non-urgent, easy, pain-free passing of a soft log, AND that it should take less than two minutes? If that doesn’t describe you, then read on for more knowledge, and some of Dr. Kelly’s tried and true solutions! You CAN have the poop of your dreams, every day :)

What's Normal

  • My poop looks like soft sausages

  • When I poop, it is relaxed and easy

  • It doesn't hurt to poop

  • When I poop, my body naturally pushes the poop out, and I don't have to 'force it out' with my abs

  • I am not constipated

  • I do not have hemorrhoids

  • I do not need an enema (or laxative) to have a bowel movement

  • Nothing feels like it’s falling “out” or “into my vag or rectum area” after pooping

  • I don't leak or smear any poop, oil or gas from my back door.

What's Not Normal

  • My poop looks like rabbit turds, hard sausages, or diarrhea

  • When I poop, it is hard, tense and painful

  • When I poop, I have to forecefully contract my abs to "force" the poop out

  • It hurts to poop

  • I am generally constipated

  • I have hemorrhoids

  • I need an enema to have a bowel movement

  • Something feels like it’s falling “out” or “into my vag or rectum area” after pooping

  • Now that you mention it, I DO leak or smear any poop, oil or gas from my back door.

Dr. Kelly holding a female pelvis. Purple filter over image

Better Poops Can Be Yours!

Dr. Kelly has multiple courses to help you reconnect with your bottom, and finally have the poop of your dreams!

Better Poops Can Be Yours!

  • Vag Lab: 2-hours of instruction by Dr. Kelly herself in all things ‘vag-related.’  From how to do self vulvar and pelvic muscle assessments, to how to improve coordination in deep core for better poops, this is a must-watch for anyone with a vag , or who loves someone with a vag :).
  • The Signature Series: A treasure trove of Dr. Kelly’s most common tips, tricks and exercises to optimize your pelvic (and overall) health and strength.  This is the equivalent of an entire series of Pelvic PT visits, streamable from the privacy and comfort of your own home.  You receive all the same training in self muscle assessments as Vag Lab, but now also get 12 weeks of progressive exercises to build your whole body strength, AND training in how do belly massage to optimize your poops!
  • Poop Better: (Coming Soon!): A course just for pooping, for everyone with a pelvis!   This instant-classic will have rectal muscle assessments, belly massage, spine exercises, nutrition tidbits and MORE to help you have the best poop of your life, every day!

Do Your Poops Need Help Exiting Gracefully?

Dr. Kelly knows that good poop habits are massively important to quality of life. Chronic constipation is a HUGE contributor to not only rectal pain and hemorrhoids, but also to pee anxiety, pee leaks, and development of pelvic organ prolapse…probably a bigger contributor than childbirth!! Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Not everyone carries or delivers a baby, but everyone poops!

Great poops CAN be yours!

It’s true! And often, after you solve your poop problems, and master the art of pooping fabulously, you’ll see improvements in other important parts of your life, like easier pees with no leaks and more enjoyable sex!! Check out my current courses to optimize your pelvic floor mojo, or sign up for the Mailing List, so that you can get FIRST NOTICE and BEST PRICES when I release “Poop Better” later this year!
a cartoon drawing of a pile of poop with a shocked expression on its face. Everybody poops, so we should all know about bowel norms.


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