Postpartum Problems

The Postpartum Guidance You've Been Longing For is HERE!

Dr. Kelly is swooping in to rescue you from vague instructions of “rest for 6 weeks, then you’ll be fine”, or “progress exercise to tolerance.” Her Upcoming Postpartum Course (yet to be named…suggestions are always welcome!!) gives week-to-week instructions and survival tips for the first 12 weeks, then monthly game-plans through your first 6 months. It is not to be missed. But since it’s still in development, read on to learn more about What’s Normal and What’s Not in the Postpartum Period (Fourth Trimester, if you will) :)

What's Normal

  • To Have Some Pee Leaks, without urgency, in the first week postpartum

  • To have those leaks stop entirely by 4 weeks postpartum

  • To be scared of the first postpartum poop

  • To have questions about postpartum exercise, life (& SEX!), and know where to go for answers!

  • To feel really tired and overwhelmed...but know that you have support

What's Not Normal

  • To have pee leaks, accompanied by urgency, in the first 4 weeks postpartum

  • To have pee leaks persist after 4 weeks postpartum

  • To be scared of ALL THE POOPS since having a baby

  • To have questions about life, exercise (& SEX) postpartum, and not know where to go for answers

  • To feel tired, overwhelmed, and helpless, feeling as though you are totally alone.

The Postpartum Guidance You've Been Longing For is HERE!

Well, almost here :). Hang tight a bit longer for the Postpartum Course, fam!!

The Postpartum Guidance You've Been Longing For is HERE!

If you are newly postpartum, join our mailing list for hot tips (& a free PDF!) on what to do in the first 6 weeks, then be on the lookout for Dr. Kelly’s Upcoming Postpartum Course!

If you’re 6 weeks out…try one of these on for size:

  • Dr. Kelly’s Vag Lab: Lifelong care for “Down There”, Vag Lab includes self vulvar and pelvic muscle assessments that are vital to do in the postpartum phase.  Education in retraining your deep core to prevent and reduce diastases rectify, pelvic prolapse, and more, is included in this 2 hour course.
  • The Signature Series: In addition to training you in self-muscle assessments, the Signature Series includes 12 weeks of progressive exercise appropriate for anyone postpartum, post surgical or ‘just disconnected’ from their pelvic floor and deep core.  A full course of Pelvic PT, streamable from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Okay, be sure to join that mailing list and stay tuned for the Postpartum Course release party!!

First Poop After Baby!!

After the actual delivery, that first poop postpartum can be a pretty traumatic event, but it doesn’t have to be! Dr. Kelly’s postpartum courses all teach you about great poops, but here’s a teaser to get you set up for success!

Start with Vag Lab, or Wait for the Full Postpartum Course!

Dr. Kelly’s Vag Lab teaches you about Pelvic Muscle Self Assessments that can be done at 6 weeks postpartum, or earlier if cleared by your medical team. Her Upcoming Postpartum Course will give you week-by-week playbooks for the first 3 months, then monthly progressions through 6 months postpartum, to safely and effectively reconnect your brain to your incredible body. Check out Vag Lab, or Sign Up for Mailing List Today!


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