Pregnancy Problems

Dr. Kelly Has Two Courses for YOU!

Your incredible body is going to change dramatically over the next 9 months as you literally grow another human. That’s incredible. And I want to tell you a secret: Your pregnancy shouldn’t hurt…and it shouldn’t make you pee your pants. And for those of us in low-risk pregnancies, it should not make us stop exercising! Read on to learn more!

What's Normal

  • Having a body that doesn't hurt!

  • Feeling strong and confident with daily tasks

  • Not leaking pee, or having to pee all the time

  • Understanding the labor and delivery process

  • Feeling prepared for ALL the upcoming challenges.

    Having strength to optimize handling of the physical stresses of labor, and having peace and surrender to optimize the actual delivery.

What's Not Normal

  • Having a sore back, neck, crotch, or all of the above!

  • Feeling weak, or unstable in daily tasks

  • Leaking pee, or feeling like you have to pee ALL THE TIME!!

  • Not understanding what happens in various stages of labor and delivery

  • Not understanding that both strength AND surrender are required for pregnancy and delivery.

Dr. Kelly Has Two Courses for YOU!

Your RAD Pregnancy and Push Prep!

Dr. Kelly Has Two Courses for YOU!

Your RAD Pregnancy
Tips and tools for staying in shape and pain-free as baby grows!
Detailed explanation of what’s happening to you (& baby) during these crazy 9-months
Nutrition Tips (AND rationale)
4 Weight Lifting Workouts per Trimester
1 Guided Pelvic Floor Relaxation-Meditation per Trimester

Push Prep
focuses specifically on “The Big Day”
Detailed explanation of what happens in each stage of Labor and Delivery
Tips on Labor & Delivery Positions with highest (and lowest) chance of success!
Labor & Delivery Tips for “special populations” (disc herniation, and more!)
Perineal Stretching EXPLAINED!  How to do it, for how long, and more!
“The Birth Partner Playbook”: How your birth partner can advocate for you, and training in counter-pressure techniques to optimize labor and delivery success!

3 Things Needed for Pregnancy & Delivery

Your amazing body and mind can benefit from so many things during pregnancy and delivery. Yes, we need strength and stamina to last the 9 months of growing baby, and the challenges of labor. But we also need a component of surrender. Many courses don’t include training in that surrender piece–but Push Prep does!

Spend as much time preparing your BODY for baby, as you are spending on the nursery!

Buy Your RAD Pregnancy and Push Prep!! Your RAD Pregnancy teaches you everything you need to know for a healthy, STRONG pregnancy, including guided workouts, nutrition information, and yes, Seggsy-Time modifications! Push Prep focuses just on the Big Day and Delivery, including training in perineal stretching, and partner counter pressure! They are AMAZING!!
Dr. Kelly, Pelvic PT Extraordinaire, 9 months pregnant, sitting on a rock in front of the Teton Mountain Range, gazing happily at her growing belly.


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