Prolapse & Pelvic Pressure Problems

Pelvic Prolapse, Demystified!

Controlling Prolapse and Prolapse Problems, is simply about managing pressure. Pressure up needs to be greater than pressure down. If pressure down exceeds pressure up, we have pressure ‘down there’ or a golf ball, or a pear, sticking out of our Va-jay-jay. But in 80% of humans, this can be fixed without surgery! Read on to learn more about what’s normal, what’s not, and what solutions Dr. Kelly has for you!

What's Normal

  • I do not have pressure or pain in my lower abdomen or in my bike seat area.

  • Nothing is bulging or falling out 'down there'

  • I can poop without having to use my hand (or something else) to put pressure on my vag or perineum (space just in front of the pooper)

  • I can start, & keep, my pee stream easily, when I want to

  • I can stand up after peeing or pooping without dribbling any pee or poop

What's Not Normal

  • I often feel pressure, or pain in my lower abdomen or actual crotch area

  • There's something bulging, or actually falling out, of my vag or rectum

  • I can't poop without pressing on my undercarraige

  • I have a hard time starting, or keeping, my pee stream, even when I 'really have to pee'!

  • Sometimes after I pee or poop, when I stand up, more pee or poop dribbles out

Dr. Kelly, double board certified specialist, with greenish tint to picture, pointing to pelvis.

Pelvic Prolapse, Demystified!

Dr. Kelly has two courses to solve Prolapse Problems!

Pelvic Prolapse, Demystified!

  • Vag Lab: A 2 hour introduction to all things vag-related, including training in self pelvic floor muscle assessment, self pelvic pressure management assessment, and “The Big 3” exercises to address the root cause of those pelvic pressure problems!
  • The Signature Series: All the training of Vag Lab PLUS 12 weeks of guided exercise progressions for your whole body. The Signature Series takes you from square one, up to return to participation in desired fitness classes and life!

Stop being limited by uncomfortable pelvic pressure, pain, leaks, or retention. Start investing in your body, your future, and YOURSELF.

Heal your body naturally, from the privacy of your own home, at your own speed!!

And remember, EVERY purchase supports Dr. Kelly’s generous scholarship program, People Before Profits. For every four courses sold, one is donated to a person in need—changing the world, beginning with you.

Dr. Kelly Tells you who the REAL bad guy is in Prolapse, and what we can do about it!

Many believe that Pelvic Organ Prolapse is normal as we age (false), that it can only be fixed with surgery (false), and that it only happens to people with vaginas who have had babies vaginally (false, false). Pelvic PT (& my Online Courses!) teach you about how to improve your pressure management, naturally!

You CAN reduce and control the pressure, discomfort, and pain of prolapse naturally!

Ready for a solution? Check out Vag Lab or The Signature Series. Still Unsure? Keep scrolling to learn more from my Blog Posts!


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