Seggsy Time Problems!

Put the Smile Back in Seggsy-Time!

Sex shouldn’t hurt. Not the first time, not after baby, not unless we want it to. Dr. Kelly swooping in with education to what’s normal and what’s not, with respect to SEGGSY-TIME, and offering you hot tips for what to do, if the bedroom time is less than fantastic!

What's Normal

  • Being nervous about first sexual experience

  • Being nervous about first sexual experience after having a baby

  • Orgasms happen regularly and are, ahem, enjoyable :)

  • Preferring one position

  • Fluctuating libido

  • Penises 'arise' to the occasion easily...

  • ...and stays erect for "as long as desired" :)

What's Not Normal

  • Sex hurts (& I don’t want it to)

  • Sex doesn’t hurt, but it’s not “GREAT” either

  • Sex is impossible

  • I bleed after sex

  • My libido is absent

  • Erectile problems--getting one OR keeping one!

  • Premature Ejaculation

    Yep. Also caused by Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction! Who knew? (Dr. Kelly did!!)

Put the Smile Back in Seggsy-Time!

Dr. Kelly’s Vag Lab is a place to start!

Put the Smile Back in Seggsy-Time!

  • Dr. Kelly’s Vag Lab has the starting information to help you assess your own pelvic floor, and concrete guidance in how to use basic gentle pressure to reeducate (and stretch) those pesky pelvic muscles, to let you intimacy be pain free…and then be enjoyable!!
  • The Signature Series: Is everything Vag Lab is AND MORE!  This Series goes beyond self assessments and gives you full body strengthening, and education to self-rectal assessments, as tension in ‘the back door’ can lead to pain with sex AND lackluster orgasms 🙁   The better “all the parts move” the less sex hurts, and the more it is rainbows and fireworks!
  • Sex After Baby! Coming Soon! A highly anticipated course, this will have in depth treatment techniques for you (or you and a partner) to improve pelvic tissue health, without the workouts that are included in Signature Series.
  • Honeymoon Prep! Coming Soon! Saving yourself for marriage?  Or getting ready for “the first time”?  This course will prep all your parts for the big day, in an educational and fun way!

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Peyronie's disease: An Unusual Culprit of Seggsy-Time Pain!

It’s not always the tight pelvic muscles of the partner with the vag that causes seggsy time pain!! Peyronie’s Disease is a condition that is not serious, but that can make intimacy painful for EITHER partner! Watch this entertaining, brief, video to learn more!

Enjoying sex starts with understanding your body.

Understanding, appreciating, and above all else, not fearing, our amazing bodies. For those of you with (or who love someone with) a vagina, Vag Lab is an excellent first step in that direction. And future classes on “The Talk”, “Honeymoon Prep”, the HIGHLY anticipated “Sex After Baby” , AND MORE, will be launched soon! If these upcoming classes speak to you, sign up for our mailing list to be notified when those come out!

Seggsy Time

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