Pelvic Floored Solutions

Online Courses


Unsure about which course is for you?  Or have you been doing Pelvic PT for years, and just not getting to the root of the problem?  Work with Dr. Kelly, one of only 72 Doctors of Physical Therapy in the entire USA who is DOUBLE board certified in Orthopedics and Pelvic Health. 

Unsure about the right course for you or struggling with persistent pelvic issues? Collaborate with Dr. Kelly, one of a handful of Doctors of Physical Therapy IN THE WORLD with double board certification in Orthopedics and Pelvic Health. Boasting two decades of expertise in pelvic health rehabilitation, Dr. Kelly has empowered thousands of people to reclaim their lives after injury or dysfunction.
Choose from two flexible options: in-person or virtual pelvic wellness care. Don’t waste time and money on ineffective solutions; invest in your future, health, and yourself with a world leader in pelvic health.
In-Person Sessions:
If you’re near Teton Valley, Idaho, schedule an in-person appointment with Dr. Kelly. Seamless scheduling, wait-list, and rescheduling options cater to your busy lifestyle via the Jane App. Out-of-town clients are welcome, with a special visit arrangement for a focused rehab experience, followed by online sessions. Out-of-town clients can fly into KDIJ (5 minutes from clinic, private planes only), or JAC or IDA (public airports, 90 minutes from the best pelvis of your life).
Online Sessions:
Geography is no longer a barrier! Dr. Kelly offers cash-based online pelvic wellness visits worldwide. Schedule via the Jane App for convenient assessments and follow-ups. Enjoy the clinic experience virtually and embrace the flexibility to prioritize your care.
Insurance and Payment:
Dr. Kelly’s services operate on a cash-based model, providing personalized treatment plans beyond insurance limitations. While insurance is not accepted, HSA/FSA cards are welcome for payment. Payment is due at the time of service, with cash, check, or credit card options through the Jane App. Clients can submit paid invoices to their insurance for potential reimbursement, but be advised that MEDICARE & MEDICAID will not cover these cash-based services.
This cash-based approach allows Dr. Kelly to focus on holistic care, encompassing preventative, wellness, and long-term strength training. Say goodbye to insurance constraints and embrace a comprehensive approach to your well-being! Schedule today!