Bump Lab

A very pregnant Dr. Kelly looks adoringly at her pregnant belly, in front of the Teton mountain Range

Bump Lab

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Bump Lab

Knocked-up and have questions? 

We’ve got you!

Join Dr. Kelly, one of a handful of Doctors of Physical Therapy IN THE WORLD who are double Board Certified in Orthopedics and Pelvic Health, and Dr. Chrissy, Pelvic Health Board Certified Specialist AND Cross Fit Level 2 Coach, as we take you through a 2-hour Lab that teaches you about “all the things” happening in your amazing body, as you grow another human!

My course, “Your Rad Pregnancy”, includes BUMP Lab in addition to 4 strength workouts and 1 pelvic floor muscle relaxation per Trimester, and ‘evergreen’ troubleshooting ideas for how to deal with many ‘common but not normal’ pains of pregnancy. If you are Floored after watching this Lab, and decide that you want to buy the full “Your Rad Pregnancy” check your purchase receipt for a coupon 😉


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