Dr. Kelly’s V@g Lab!



Dr. Kelly’s V@g Lab is AMAZING!!  

And in case you missed it Live, you now have a chance to buy the Replay!!!

This LIFE-CHANGING Online Streamable Lab is hosted by Dr. Kelly herself, teaches you everything your parents, teachers and doctors didn’t, about assessing and caring for your vag (and other bottom bits), through your lifespan!!

Topics will include:

*Anatomy Review with FUN models and Vulva Puppets!

*Instruction in SELF vulvar and pelvic muscle assessments!  Learn ‘what’s normal’ down there, as well as how to check your pelvic muscle pliability, strength and function!!

**AN ACTUAL SELF-VULVAR EXAM is shown so that you can see in real life, what is normal, and what’s not, and you don’t have to be worried about lurking around less than reputable websites to find out this information!!!

*The best (& worst!!) ways to wash and cleanse your vag and vulva!

*Moisturizers and lubricants FOR YOUR VAG!!! They’re a thing.  Dr. Kelly will teach you WHEN and WHY YOU need them!

*Instruction in the best positions for peeing and pooping, so that you don’t wreck your vag by pooping wrong!!

*And, of course, FUN, relevant exercises for ideal vag health across the lifespan!!!!

Once you purchase the event, SCROLL DOWN within your purchase confirmation email, and you will find a link to register to view the Replay.

Sign up this minute, and start the rest of your happy-ever-after.

Your Vag (or the Vag of someone you love) Thanks You 🙂


Dr. Kelly!

Dr. Kelly’s V@g Lab!
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