Dr. Kelly’s Vag Lab!

Dr. Kelly’s Vag Lab!

If  you have a vag, or love someone with a vag, this course is for you! Join Dr. Kelly for 2 hours of training in life-long care "down there"!  Includes how to do a self vulvar and pelvic muscle assessment (with videos!), tips on hygiene "down there" & more!  $99.

Dr. Kelly’s Vag Lab is AMAZING!!!

Topics Include:

  • Fun, functional anatomy education to help decipher “doctor-speak” after a medical visit!
  • Skilled instruction in how to perform outside and inside ‘self-checks’ of organs and muscles!
  • Pro Tips to correct any leaks, pains or pressure complaints!!

Past participants have called this “The best investment in their body, ever!” And, “As good as Handmaid’s Tale,or Jake kissing Molly Ringwold at the end of Pretty in Pink.”  Just saying…. :).

Buy it today, and tell all of your friends!


Dr. Kelly

Do You Need a Vaginal Moisturizer?

Yes you do. But what is a moisturizer, and how does it differ from a lubricant? And when do I need these? Watch Vag Lab to find out!
pelvis sitting on leather purse in room to accompany post what are kegels

Dr. Kelly’s Vag Lab!

How ARE things down there??

This LIFE-CHANGING 2-hour lab, teaches you everything your parents, teachers and doctors didn’t, about caring for your vag (and other bottom bits), through your lifespan!!

Topics include:

*Anatomy Review with FUN models and Vulva Puppets!

*Instruction in SELF vulvar and pelvic muscle assessments!  Learn ‘what’s normal’ down there, as well as how to check your pelvic muscle pliability, strength and function!!

*The course includes actual video or a REAL self vulvar assessment!!

*The best (& worst!!) ways to wash and cleanse your vag and vulva!

*Moisturizers and lubricants FOR YOUR VAG!!! They’re a thing.  Dr. Kelly will teach you WHEN and WHY YOU need them!

*Instruction in the best positions for peeing and pooping, so that you don’t wreck your vag by pooping wrong!!

*And, of course, FUN, relevant exercises and activities for ideal vag health across the lifespan!!!!

What's Normal

  • No leaks of pee, poop, or farts!

  • Periods are painfree!!

  • Tampons don't hurt...

  • ...and neither do medical exams of your vag or rectum

  • Intimacy doesn't hurt

  • Intimacy actually feels good!

  • You are powered to understand what is present in your bottom bits, and know how to get help, if needed

What's Not Normal

  • Leaks of pee, poop or farts

  • Periods hurt :(. Before OR during.

  • Tampons hurt...

  • ...and so do medical exams of your vag and rectum

  • Intimacy hurts

  • Not being able to climax, or enjoy, intimacy

  • Having questions about your bottom bit function, and not knowing where to turn to for help

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