“Mind The Gap”: The Diastasis Recti Course 2.0

“Mind The Gap”: The Diastasis Recti Course 2.0

6 weeks of 10 min/day exercises, proven to improve your ab function in the short AND long term! Perfect for reconnecting to your core after babies, surgery, injury, or just because! v2.0 update includes bonus strength training! $147.
This is the perfect course to introduce any and all humans to their deep core! Dr. Kelly will personally guide you in simple exercises, that take less than 10 minutes day for 6 weeks. If you can commit to these exercises, for the period of time described, they have been proven to give you a smaller gap AND more functional abdominal strength for years to follow, even when you haven’t done the exercises after the initial 6 weeks!! But wait, there’s more!  The 2024 update includes bonus strengthening workouts for each week, training you how to build a functional weight training program for even more gains!!  That’s pretty amazing!!

Reconnect to your core, TODAY!

Just like we can’t skimp on building the foundation of a house that we hope to last centuries, we can’t skip on connecting the deep core muscles back to the brain after baby, injury, or time has caused dysfunction. Mind the Gap reconnects us to these vital deep core muscles in the short, and long term.

“Mind The Gap”: The Diastasis Recti Course 2.0

Diastasis Recti Doesn't Mean Your Life is Over!

Evidence repeatedly shows that good training in deep core activation improves your ability to create tension across your ab muscles, which reduces most of the functional limitations associated with Diastasis.

Translation: Dr. Kelly can teach you to use your abs better, so they don’t look funny, feel stronger, and we don’t pee ourselves 🙂 

The course includes:

  • 6-weeks of daily, evidence-based exercises to improve connection, strength and aesthetics of your deep abs in just 10 minutes a day!
  • Specific education to “what’ Diastasis is, how to measure it, and what actually matters in those measurements.
  • Additional tools for measuring your strength gains, and how to know if an exercise is “safe” for your Diastasis.


Evidence show that adhering to this program for just 6 weeks improves your abdominal function for years to come!!

What's Normal

  • I can easily activate my breathing muscles independently of my deep abs and my pelvic muscles

  • When I try to push or pull something, my abs engage naturally, and do not 'pooch' outwards, or 'collapse' inwards

  • I feel strong and connected to my core

  • I don't have a 'mom pooch'

  • I don't have a "man pooch"

What's Not Normal

  • I can't 'activate my core' and breath at the same time

  • When I try to push or pull something, my abs either 'pooch'outwards or 'collapse' inwards

  • I just don't feel strong or connected to my core

  • I have a "mom pooch"

    I had my baby 6 months ago, and people still ask me if I'm pregnant (those A*holes)

  • I have a "man pooch"

    If I had a vagina, people WOULD ask me if I was pregnant. (double A* holes)

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