Signature Lecture and Exercise Series





13 Lectures & 11 Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Progressions…all for less than the price of ONE in-person physical therapy evaluation!

This program helps heal your body, naturally, and can take you from post-injury, post-surgery or post-delivery to ability to participate in desired community or recreational fitness activities, symptom free!

Dr. Kelly uses her 16+ years of experience as a Pelvic PT, and 10 years of experience as an active mom who had to recover from pregnancy and labor herself, to bring you the best pelvic floor exercises on the internet!

Here Dr. Kelly’s expert cues again and again, for better consistency of care and performance of your home exercises!

Strategies for People With Penises as well as People With Vaginas!

Purchase includes present topics, as well as access to future topics that are included in this Series!

Topics Include:

-What is Incontinence?

-What is Diastasis Recti (& How Do I Measure It & What Can I Do About It?)?

-What is Constipation?

-What Happens in a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Evaluation?

-How to do a Self Pelvic Floor Muscle Assessment & Treatment

-How to use a Pelvic Wand

-What is Pelvic Pain & What To Do About It

-And More!!

Signature Lecture and Exercise Series
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