Push Prep

The Nursery is Ready. What About Your Vag?

Confession: If I had prepared MY vag HALF as well as I prepared my nursery when expecting my first child, I would have been a million times more prepared, and happy, with my birth experience.

I created this Push Prep Course to includes ALL the things that you ACTUALLY need to know about Push Prep (that NO ONE teaches you, it turns out).

Dr. Kelly’s Push Prep Course Includes

– Questions for you and your birth partner to ask each other WAY before the big day

– Practical Advice for preparing for labor & delivery from an active mom who has been there, twice!!

– Detailed Education on what happens in each stage of labor, translating the ‘medical speak’ to layman’s terms of how long each contraction will be, and how far apart they’ll be.

– Suggested activities for each stage of labor, as well as positions to help optimize baby’s path through the pelvis!

– Tips for birth partners, to improve your comfort during labor and delivery

– Detailed instructions in perineal stretching to improve your perineal tissue health, and your self-confidence of keeping relaxed in the presence of ‘intense’ feelings of delivery

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What's Normal

  • Spending as much time (if not MORE) preparing your body for baby's arrival, as you did the nursery

  • Understanding what generally happens INSIDE YOUR BODY in each stage of labor

  • Understanding the basics of vaginal or cesarean delivery

  • Having a plan for managing 'all the feelings' of different stages of labor, including positions to try

  • Empowering your birth partner with strategies to help you manage contraction pain, as well as guide water and calorie intake

What's Not Normal

  • Only preparing the house for baby's arrival, and not your own body!

  • Not knowing ANYTHING about how baby gets out of your amazing body

  • Having a birth partner who enters delivery with no clue of how to help this person they love, do the hardest thing they'll ever do.

  • Not understanding what options are available to you during and after delivery, with respect to cord-cutting, skin to skin time, etc

Push Prep

Everything you need to know for an empowered delivery, from education to the stages of labor, to best and worst labor positions, to perineal stretching, concrete ways your birth partner can help you in delivery, and more! $99.99

Where else can you find all of this in one place?

You’ve done the work to stay strong in The Pregnancy Course.  Now complete the package with Delivery focused Push Prep!   Evidence-based information on which delivery positions have the highest (and lowest) risks of perineal tearing! What to do in case ‘bad stuff’ happens??  Like disc herniations, spinal stenosis, hip pain, sacroiliac pain, tailbone pain, fire crotch, back labor, and more! Bonus postpartum nuggets about managing visitors, relationships, sleep, depression, and more! Don’t wait another minute! Your Vag Needs This Course!!

Empower Yourself for a Better Birth Experience!

Dr. Kelly’s Push Prep educates you about the labor and delivery process, trains you to optimize all of the things that we CAN control, and provides with plans and strategies to handle stresses, “just in case” something unplanned occurs. No exaggeration: this course might just change your life. Buy it today!
Dr. Kelly, Pelvic PT Extraordinaire, 9 months pregnant, sitting on a rock in front of the Teton Mountain Range, gazing happily at her growing belly.

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