The Postpartum Course

The Postpartum Course

Baby will see the doctor 6x in the first year.  Momma…just once.  You deserve better.  Dr. Kelly’s got you covered.

Dr. Kelly’s Upcoming Postpartum Class covers many needed topics:

  • Review of WTF happens in Vag or Cesarean Delivery. Because you’re a superhero.
  • Basic Recovery Timelines: For Vaginal AND Cesarean Birth. Explanation of what different terms might mean in your doctor’s notes, and ‘how do those stitches dissolve, anyways?”
  • Week by Week Exercises & Activity Suggestions: For the first 12 weeks.  What to do, what not to do, and pro tips for managing wanted (and unwanted) visitors.
  • Monthly Exercise and Activity Suggestions: For the first 6 months.  After “the 4th trimester”, your healing isn’t done yet.  The Postpartum Course has continued exercise instructions and progressions to take you from “healed” to “strong, confident, and amazing.”
  • Tips on Marital Bliss: Ha!  But not kidding.  A Licensed Counsellor joins me for tips on staying connected to your partner, as you both get used to TWO new people in the house–your baby, and you as a mother.
  • SEGGSY-TIME!!!  Heaven forbid I teach a class and don’t talk about sex, right?  But for real, the first postpartum sexy-time can be terrifying.  It doesn’t have to be.  Dr. Kelly gives you tips for prepping the muscles and vag for return to full function!

You Need This Course

You have just created another human. Now it is YOUR time to recover your strength, your confidence, your body. Happy Ever After begins now, and you deserve full confidence in your body for whatever life has in store for you next!

The Postpartum Course

Actual Guidance for your 4th Trimester, & Beyond!

I’ve been there as a new mom, and I’ve been there as a PT, treating new moms.  The look on our faces when we go in for a 6-week postpartum visit and are told “Your incisions look great.  You’re good to go.”

Dr. Kelly’s Postpartum Course lays out week-by-week exercise progressions and vital tips to not only survive, but THRIVE, during your fourth trimester & beyond!

Watch the above clip, and read below, for more basic info on what’s normal and not in the postpartum period, then check back often (& join our Mailing List) to be notified when The Postpartum Course launches!

What's Normal

  • To Have Some Leaks, Without Urgency, in the First 2 Weeks Postpartum

  • To have all the leaks stop by the 4th week postpartum

  • To be scared of the first postpartum poop

  • To be scared of the first postpartum sex

  • To be scared about those things, and have questions, but know where to go for answers!

  • To feel tired, and overwhelmed, but know that you have support.

What's Not Normal

  • To have pee leaks, associated with URGENCY, in the first 4 weeks postapartum

  • To have pee leaks persist after the first 4 weeks postpartum.

  • To be scared of ALL THE POOPS after having a baby

  • To avoid ALL intimacy due to fear of the first postpartum sex

  • To be scared of poops, and sex, after baby, and feel that you don't know where to go for answers.

  • To feel tired, and overwhelmed, alone and unsupported.

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