Pelvic Floored Solutions

Online Courses


Unsure about which course is for you?  Or have you been doing Pelvic PT for years, and just not getting to the root of the problem?  Work with Dr. Kelly, one of only 72 Doctors of Physical Therapy in the entire USA who is DOUBLE board certified in Orthopedics and Pelvic Health. 

Dr. Kelly has 20 years of experience in the pelvic health rehabilitation field. She has taught thousands of PTs, and helped thousands more REAL PEOPLE, JUST LIKE YOU, get their lives back after injury or dysfunction.  

With two convenient scheduling options (in person and online), as well as a catalogue of World Class Online Streamable Courses, Dr. Kelly makes it easy for you to invest in YOU.  

Stop spending your time and money on pads and gimmicks that are not working, and rather invest your time and money in your future, your health, YOURSELF!!!  

Pelvic PTs have an 80% success rate of resolving pelvic complaints with non-surgical interventions…and that’s the same success rate as surgery…with none of the complications…

So don’t you think you owe it to yourself to take your life back?   START HERE!!


Location is no longer a limitation!  Making true on her mission to reduce geographic limitations to pelvic floor PT care, Dr. Kelly now offers cash-based online PT visits to anyone, worldwide!  Book an Online Assessment or Follow Up Appointment Via the Jane App Link in the [upper Right] corner, or at  Scheduling is a breeze, and Jane also makes rescheduling, or requesting a wait-listed appointment, easy as pie, so if you see a time that you’d prefer is taken, get your cute butt on the wait list, because it might just become yours!   You’ll feel like you are in the clinic and be so glad you came!

In Person

If you are blessed to live within a plane ride of Teton Valley, Idaho, you can schedule an in-person appointment with Dr. Kelly via the Jane App..  There are seamless scheduling, wait-list and rescheduling options for today’s busy human, and the availability of Online Visits means that your care doesn’t have to be interrupted, or changed to a new provider, when there is a snow storm, or your kids are sick, or  you leave town for a month (or a season).  

If you’re not close enough to drive, but want to meet with Dr. Kelly in person, out of town clients are welcome.  Email us for special visit availability that is reserved for out of town clients, to make the most of your Rehab-Vacation!   Fly into commercial airports at JAC or IDA, or via private jet into Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport (KDIJ).  Out-of-town clients receive 3-5 visits of PT over the span of 1-2 weeks, to ‘jump start’ their rehab, then are generally transitioned to Online.  Many choose to return for follow-ups!