The Pelvic Floored Signature Lecture & Exercise Series

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Heal your body naturally, from the privacy of your own home, and
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Pelvic Floor PT Evaluation, with this 6-12-week program

Lecture Topics

  • Anatomy Review
  • Why Pelvic PT?
  • What Actually Happens During a Pelvic Floor PT Exam?
  • What’s Normal Down There: Bladder & Bowel Edition
  • The Best Bladder Diary, EVER. 
    (The ONLY Bladder Diary You’ll Ever Need)
  • Pelvic Pressure Basics
  • What is Pelvic Organ Prolapse? And What to do About it!
  • What is Diastasis Recti? And What to do About it!
  • Urinary Retention & Constipation
  • How Can I Perform a Self Pelvic Floor Muscle Exam?
  • Special Bonus Mini Lesson on How to Use a Pelvic Wand
  • What’s Normal Down There: Pelvic Pain Edition

Streamable Exercise Sequences

  • 4-part progression of General Lumbopelvic Stabilization Exercises, with World Champion Bicyclist Kaitlyn Boyle!
  • The General Stabilization Series are the Best Evidence Based, Experience Proven, Exercises to do after a bak or hip injury, pelvic fracture, or other abdominal or back surgery.
  • 4-part progression of Pelvic Floor Coordination and Strengthening exercises, with UltraRunner (UltraMom) and Serial Entrepreneur, Amy Hatch!
  • The Pelvic Floor Series includes Practical and Evidence-Based Exercises to do before and after baby, as well as pre and post abdominal surgery, back surgery, and even if you just want to understand your pelvis better!
  • Progression to Plyometrics and Running guidance to be completed after completing either the General Series and-or the Pelvic Series
  • Super Bonus! 3 of Dr. Kelly’s Personal Favorite Exercise Series’ for overall core control, strength and flexibilty!
  • Printable PDF Handout Grids Included for all Exercise Progressions, which also include specific cues and modification-progressions for Cross Fit and Power Lifting Athletes, to improve your readiness to return to lift!

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