What Happens in a Pelvic Floor PT Exam?

a Pelvic Floor PT will review your specific medical history with you.

Seeing a pelvic floor PT is one of the greatests gifts you can give to yourself at anytime, but especially postpartum, injury or surgery. These rehab professionals are trained to find what your body needs to control pelvic pain, leakage or continence complaints!

Do Kegels Work?

image of pelvic floor muscles, showing their resting position at the bottom of the pelvis, like a hammock. The muscles should rest at about 3/4 range relaxed, then be able to contract up and in when needed, relax easily back down, then gently buldge down and out (like a flower opening) the bottom 1/4 of range, before again returning to resting position.

There is so much more to a kegel than ‘just tightening.’ If you’ve been doing kegels for ages and still leaking, consider taking a closer look at what your body needs.