“You would never dream of undergoing a knee or shoulder surgery without post operative rehabilitation.  And yet, the trauma that the female pelvis undergoes during pregnancy, and during and after delivery is 10x greater than that which a typical knee or shoulder suffers from that surgery.  This, coupled with the asymmetrical loading of carrying a 10-20# baby for a year post-delivery, leads to many musculoskeletal complaints and functional limitations.  It is no wonder that so many individuals (including obstetricians!) assume pain, prolapse and continence complaints are a normal consequence of aging and/or childbirth.  Let us not confuse something being common with it being normal.”

Kelly Sadauckas, PT, DPT, OCS

Pelvic Healing Testimonials

Amy Hatch, smiling, with hair in bun and sunglasses. Amy is the founder of Garage Grown Gear.
Amy Hatch, Founder of Garage Grown Gear & Pelvic Health Evangelist After Pelvic Floor PT got her back to ultrarunning with no leakage postpartum!

Incontinence & Return to Running!

“I want to tell you how Kelly literally gave me my life back.  I went from ‘accidentally’ doing an ultramarathon when I was unknowingly 4 weeks pregnant, to not being able to jog a mile without full urinary incontinence after the vaginal delivery of my first child.  I felt lost and devastated.  This amazing athletic body I had was, ‘poof’, gone.  Then I found Kelly.  From initial symptom management to figuring out how to keep me active with minimal symptoms while we addressed the underlying muscle issues, to my present state where I can do anything I want to do (including multiple day hiking and running trips in the backcountry) without leakage. I cannot say enough positive things about Kelly. She is the best pelvic floor PT in the world. She has changed my life, and will change yours if you give her the chance.”

-Amy Hatch, Ultra-Runner, Ultra-Mom, Serial Entrepeuner
& Founder of Garage Grown Gear

Pelvic Organ Prolapse & Return to Active Lifestyle

“It was 4 weeks postpartum that I found out I had Organ Prolapse. I was feeling really swollen and it felt like I was sitting on a ball every time I sat down. Turns out I had Uterine, Bladder and Rectum prolapse.  My OB-Gyn said I had to give up all the activities that I loved, and I was heartbroken.

Then I met Dr. Kelly. My first appointment with her, she gave me hope that my active lifestyle was not over. Dr. Kelly did more for me in that first appointment than my two months with my other Physical Therapists. With time, dedication and a thoroughness of care that I have not experienced before, Dr. Kelly helped me return to my active lifestyle, symptom free.  From  hiking while carrying my (now >30#) daughter in a pack, to surfing, jogging, and biking…I can do all of it with no feelings of heaviness or pressure.  Everything that my initial doctor told me I would never do again, Kelly gave back to me.  This will be a lifetime journey for me but now, as I am on this journey, I will be able to enjoy the things I love. Kelly gave that all back to me. She is the best pelvic floor PT, ever.

-Lindsay Flake, Active Mom of 3, Owner of Tenkara Rod Co.
See Lindsay’s Blog Post About Her Journey Here

Lindsay Flake, owner of Tenkara Rod Company, all smiles on a fall day, while she is out for a bike ride. Pelvic Floor PT helped her regain her active lifestly after suffering pelvic organ prolapse after her 3rd child.
Lindsay Flake, Owner of Tenkara Rod Company. Devastated by symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse after the birth of her 3rd child, Lindsay found that pelvic floor PT, in combination with surgery for her severe case, allowed her to return to an active lifestyle that her physicians said she would have to abdandon.

Kait Boyle, 2018 24-hour Mountain Bike World Champion, smiling in a Pivot Cycles hat, in front of an xray of her sacrum, showing 2 long screws holding the sacrum intact.  Kait, good-naturedly, is giving a thumbs up, as the screws are in place.
Kait Boyle, 2018 24-Hour Mountain Bike World Champion smiles in front of an x-ray of her superhuman sacrum, stabilized by two 6-8 inch screws. She hopes to be the next Disney Marvel Superhero, and I think she has a good chance. Personal Motto: “You Are Unlimited!”

Pelvic & Sacral Fractures & Return to Elite Athletics

Kait is a professional ultra-endurance mountain bike athlete who is on a 2+ year recovery from a shattered pelvis. She has returned to elite racing and is sharing her journey in training and continuing to navigate the process of rebuilding her body along the way. She has authored some blogs about her journey for us at Pelvic Floored (Part 1) and is featured in an upcoming film, Fastest For Now, which chronicles her attempt at a World Record on the Kokopelli Trail, 2 years after a severe car accident left her with a fractured sacrum, pelvis, fibula and ruptured bladder. She spent 3 months in a wheel chair, 6 weeks of that non weight bearing in an external fixator of her pelvis, and Dr. Kelly helped her rehabilitate her core to allow her to return to Elite Training levels. The same exercises that Kait performed, to allow her to return to full training loads, are included in Dr. Kelly’s Signature Pelvic Floored Program!
See Kait’s Blog Posts about her time in the ICU to walking again; and from walking again to return to elite competition!

Pelvic Pain

“My firstborn loved it inside my belly. After 42-hours of labor, he entered the world with his R arm over his head. That particular exit strategy damaged my right levator ani group [specifically the iliococcygeus muscle (for those of you who have watched the vids already, we’re talking superficial and deep 7 o’clock)]. I had pain with sitting that varied from locally in the buttock, to radiating tingling down to my inner heel. When the time came, I had pain with intimacy, deep in my right hip, and I know firsthand, how hard that can be on a relationship. BUT, thankfully, I knew that was ‘common but not normal.” I utilized pelvic floor physical therapy to improve tissue health in the damaged areas, calm the nerves, and in time at all, was able to sit pain free. A bit longer, and intimacy was painfree and great again.

I see clients every day who suffer from pelvic pain with tampons, intimacy or OB exams post baby. I also see clients who have pelvic pain with tampons, medical exams and intimacy, who have no childbearing history. Sometimes there is pscyhological trauma, sometimes physical trauma, and sometimes, for whatever reason, we are just not connected to the muscles of this area, which causes spasm and pain. You are not alone. You are not broken. I know what it is like to be on both sides of the treatment table. While I am honored that so many clients call me the best pelvic floor PT, truthfully there are MANY other practitioners out there, changing lives every day. I just took the effort to put myself out there and spread the word. Pelvic floor PT has changed my life, personally and professionally, for the better, and I look forward to it changing yours!”

Dr. Kelly Sadauckas, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist
& Founder of Pelvic Floored

Dr. Kelly Sadauckas, pelvic floor physical therapist and founder of Pelvic Floored, shown here with one of her children, as a baby. Dr. Kelly suffered from pelvic pain after her first born, and was able to utilize pelvic physical therapy techniques to remedy it.
Dr. Kelly herself suffered pelvic pain after the birth of her first child, and a fractured pelvis during the birth of her second child. She was able to successfully use pelvic floor PT to recover full, leak-free & pain-free function, and wants you to be there, too!

Writer and Adventurer, Molly Tyson, shown here in a red jacket, blue knit hat and sunglasses, smiles with her eyes and kisses her black lab on the head. Molly has been able to live an extraordinary outdoor lifestlye while needing to self-catherize to empty her bladder for the past 10 years.
Write & Outdoor Adventurer Molly Tyson has managed to life an extraordinarily adventurous lifestyle, while navigating the challenges of having to self-catheterize to empty her bladder, for the past decade.

Staying Rad & Outdoors When You Have to Self Catheterize!

“I’ve seen specialists around the country for neurogenic bladder issues related to a spinal cord disorder. Dr. Sadauckas’ knowledge, technique, and compassion for dealing with this sensitive topic is world class. Her training with experts like pelvic health pioneer Dr. Hollis Hermann shows that Dr. Sadauckas is top notch, as does her dedication to furthering the professional field (she’s personally trained over 200 pelvic health practitioners in the US in the last decade!). She is the best pelvic PT, and I am so grateful to have had access to her knowledge and skillset.”  

– Molly Tyson
Writer, Adventurer; Former Climbing Ranger in Grand Teton National Park

Vulvar Varicosities & Symptoms of UTI (when there is no UTI)

I am a menopausal woman who by my mid-50’s felt like I was experiencing a mounting array of discomforts in my nether regions: predictable dryness, tissue sensitivity, bladder irritation (overreativity) and increased awareness of an uncomfortable varicosity in that area. Not fun and rather discouraging! I started experiencing immediate relief and improvement in all of these symptoms through Kelly’s masterful manual work and by addressing on my own the general tone and function of the pelvic floor muscles. The positive impact on the irritated nerves and structures was undeniable. Some of the most convincing evidence of change came almost immediately after starting to work with Kelly. I started noticing the absence of the bladder irritation which had become almost the norm for me. Another huge improvement was the fact that I went from needing to use vaginal estrogen cream every other night (to relieve dryness, sensitivity and a growing susceptibility to bladder infections) to using it only on rare occasion any more. My vulvar varicosity also became something I noticed only occasionally. That was how much the freeing up of the pelvic floor and subsequent improved circulation to the area dramatically shifted the whole vaginal environment. I am a very impressed and happy convert to this amazing work and would recommend it heartily. Kelly’s depth of knowledge and exceptional skill make this therapy truly life-changing!

-Katarina Stefanovna
Happy Pelvic Floored Client

illustration of pelvic floor muscle spasm with red lightning bolts coming away and word OUCH! nearby. Pain in the abdomen, hips and low back (as well as pelvic floor itself) can cause these muscles to spasm. Persistent spasm can worsen local pain, cause radiating pain into abdomen or legs, and even mimick symptoms of a UTI.
Spasm in the Pelvic Floor Muscles can cause local, or radiating pain. They can even mimick symptoms of a UTI