4. Counter-pressure for Birth Partner

Hey Birth Partner, Mama needs you to be strong while she is bringing another human into this world. YOU can help her do that…with counter pressure.

Note: There are copies of ALL the Birth Partner Stuff in the Section “Birth Partner Playbook.” Popular feedback from Beta Testers said that Birth Partners wanted all of their stuff in ONE PLACE, so they could “cram” when the time came 🙂 :).

Watch this 2-minute video on how the birth partner can help Mama with counter pressure to the outside of her hips. Cliff Notes is this:

  • Counter-pressure lower on hips, opens the top of pelvis, typically is better (with knees out, feet in position) for earlier labor, up to transition.
  • Counter-pressure higher on hips, opens the bottom of the pelvis, typically is better (with knees in, feet out position) for transition and delivery.