Considerations After Cesarean Birth

Video Content Coming Soon! As of Summer 2022, here are my Cliff Notes!


This may be planned, or unplanned.  Planned is generally a bit less stressful, but unplanned saves lives of moms and babies every day, so if this ends up being you, please be grateful we live in a country where this can be performed safely.  

In either condition, you are wheeled into a surgical suite, and a solid curtain is pulled up at about your chest height.  I recommend birth partner SIT by mom’s head and does not look behind curtain until go time.  We don’t need birth partner fainting.  

Anaesthesia is given (epidural vs total, as indicated by the particular scenario), and a side-to side incision is made in the lower abdominal skin, then fascia, then the muscles are pulled apart loosely (not cut), and then the uterus is cut into, usually sideways.  The solid curtain is removed, and a clear curtain is in place, as baby is pulled out, if this is desired, and possible in your situation.  Just like vag delivery, if able, the baby is placed immediately on mom’s chest so long as everyone is healthy.  

in this situation, instead of sewing any perineal tears, the surgeon will sew the uterine and skin incisions, and mom can expect to stay in the hospital 2-3 days.  

If there is an emergency, the birth partner might not be allowed in the room.  If there is an emergency, baby or mom might need to be transported to another city, by ambulance or helicopter. This is unusual, but it does happen.  If this happens to you, the birth partner is generally NOT allowed in the helicopter due to space constraints.  Know that the mom or baby are in the best possible hands, and you will be reunited as quickly as possible.  

It is generally recommended that a person waits 6 weeks post C-section before beginning postpartum PT, but if you have excessive soreness in scar area, you can start earlier. Reach out to area PTs and your local medical team for further information.