HUGE Epidural Safety Thing

This 2 minute, 30-second video might just change your life, or the life of someone you love.

Peripheral nerve injury is rare, but when it occurs, it causes pain, numbness and weakness for years postpartum. This video teaches you about simple steps to reduce the risk for peripheral nerve injury. Please feel free to share the link–it is one of the only links that you are able to share to someone who has not purchased this course. I’ve made that happen, because I feel so strongly about this topic

If you do suffer a peripheral nerve injury (sciatica, lower leg pain or weakness), ask for (nil, DEMAND) Postpartum PT (which you should get anyways), as studies show that peripheral nerve complaints resolve faster, and more completely with Postpartum PT (and sometimes with medicines). You don’t have to “just wait it out” to get your life back. If your doctor won’t prescribe PT (& you need a prescription to go), ask them to document in your chart that you requested the service and they declined 🙂 :). Then they will write you the script. You’re welcome. Love you, too!