Moving Around Postpartum

Content Coming Soon!

Pro Tips for now:

  1. Exhale as you exert. Exhale as you stand from a chair. Exhale as you sit down. Exhale as you lift, and as you lower something. Exhale as you roll over in bed.
  2. Pressing a pillow gently into your lower abdomen can improve your comfort in standing, coughing and moving around in bed, whether you’ve had a vag or a C delivery…and especially after a C.
  3. Stairs can be tricky. Go sideways. One step at a time, bringing both feet to that step before continuing up or down. Exhale as you lift or lower. Hold onto railing if able.
  4. If possible, avoid spreading legs wide in squat, or in lunge position, to get objects from the floor. Your amazing lower pelvis does not want to be strained like that after having a baby.
  5. Move slow, with purpose, and respect your incredible healing body.