Regardless of how baby enters this world, your vag (& rest of your bottom) thanks you for doing this in advance 🙂

Enjoy this 1-minute video (or this one, with fun music, on the Insta!), and the Easy Steps are Below!

5 Easy Steps to the Perfect Padsicle!

  1. Take your favorite menstrual pad (or period underwear—I haven’t tried this yet, but in theory, the idea is sound…maybe try it before Go-Time, to make sure they maintain some softness), unwrap it, and put 2 tablespoons (ish) of organic aloe vera on it. This will reduce inflammation and pain post-delivery.
  2. Now add about 2 tablespoons of non-sting Witch Hazel (non-sting means ‘alcohol free’). This can reduce swelling, pain and bruising, as well as reduce itching that is often present postpartum
  3. You could add 1-2 drops of your favorite soothing essential oil (Lavender is a popular one, for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, as well as generally soothing effects), but this IS OPTIONAL.
  4. Rewrap pad, then put in aluminum foil OR plastic zip-lock baggy.
  5. Place in freezer, and enjoy post-delivery!

I recommend making at least 5, and maybe trying it out pre-delivery, so you can adjust to your preference ;). Make them yourself, or delegate!!