Perineal Stretching

No, perineal stretching will NOT ‘guarantee’ that you won’t tear in delivery. But it will help improve your satisfaction with your labor and delivery, and improve your feelings of ‘being in control’ when transition occurs. Over 50+ moms Beta-tested this program before it was released to the public, and the #1 comment was “Wow. I felt so empowered during transition” and “It was my first delivery where I felt I was in control during later contractions.” That’s pretty sweet, friends!

While you can start your gentle self pelvic muscle awareness activities at any point in second or third trimester (first is generally avoided, not because there is an increased risk to baby…but because spontaneous miscarriages of all causes are highest in the first trimester, and God forbid, if you were to perform your internal work, then miscarry…you might always wonder…so for that reason, we avoid internal work until after 12 weeks. Longer if this is a ‘precious’ baby, meaning history of miscarriages…then we avoid all internal work until the last 4 weeks before due date), perineal stretching is best in the 4 weeks leading up to your due date. This is because this is the period of time that your body is getting ready to have this child! Let’s help it focus on the needed mobility!

If you can’t reach your vag (or just feel uncomfortable, or short of breath) in the semi-reclined position, do this while laying on your left side, or with a pelvic wand! Use coupon code Kelly21 at for $5. off any product, including wands!

Watch this video to learn more, then check out the downloadable afterwards. Note: downloadable is awesome…but still in DRAFT form as of May 2022. Check later for updates (which are mostly aesthetics at this point 😉 If you have a moment, and the survey is live, please also complete a brief survey to help me with a study on rates of tearing after kick-@ss education. THANKS!