What if…there is Pubic Symphysis (Crotch) Pain

Oh, IT BURNS! Sharp pain right in the front of your crotch, that worsens with standing, walking or (gasp) stairs…that’s pubic symphysis pain :(.

The pubic symphysis is the connection of your two hip bones in the front. It actually has a big cartilginous (like your ears) disc that connects the two pieces. Shockingly, or not, when we are growing another human inside of us (or bringing that human into the world), this area can get angry. There are some similarities between Pubic Symphsysis Pain, and Sacroiliac Pain, when it comes to Labor and Delivery Considerations, because both will be happier if leg pressure is symmetrical (balanced), and angrier if asymmetrical (unbalanced).

Here is a 2-minute video of what to try, and to avoid, in labor and delivery, if you have pubic symphysis (crotch) pain.

Delivery Positions to Try With Pubic Symphysis (Crotch) Pain

  1. Anything where legs are relatively close together (neutral position…not too close…not too far) and EQUAL weight bearing.
  2. Tall Kneeling, so long as weight-distribution is equal, should be okay
  3. Side-lying, as long as legs are not ridiculously widely separated, should be great
  4. Semi-reclined position, especially with knees slightly bent and supported by a roll (& maybe even with a towel roll under one half of butt, so that your sacrum/coccyx are free to extend to leg baby out!)
  5. ICE to the pubic symphysis
  6. TENS to the low, low, LOW back can sometimes offer pubic symphysis relief.

Delivery Positions to Avoid with Pubic Symphysis (Crotch) Pain

  1. Anything where the pelvis or weight-bearing is asymmetrical (uneven), like lunging
  2. Anything where the legs are WIDELY separated (wide squats, laying on side with leg up to ceiling, etc)