What Health Screenings Should I Get?

What health screenings should I get? The answer varies depending on age. Here is a basic list to get started living better, longer.
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“What Health Screenings Should I Get?”

Health Screenings are very important at all stages of life. But sometimes knowing which ones to get is challenging. I’ve consulted with my favorite MDs, PAs and NPs to compile this basic list. Did I forget something? Email me at [email protected] and I can update this list!

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Health Screenings are important for us at every sage in life.

The answer depends on our age range.

Let’s oversimplify:

1. Pre-Teen/Premenstrual Ages

Annual Wellness Exams are key here.

Vision Exams (20/20 vision kind)

If your child has dyslexia or ADHD symptoms, consider consulting with a neuro-optometrist. Vision is about WAY more than 20/20, and if your child is having a hard time reading, they may have an issue with how their brain processes vision, which neuro-optometrists are uniquely positioned to assist with.

Consider mental health screenings, and education about menstrual cycles. As the average age of onset of periods is around 11 in the United States, it is a good idea to start this education around 10 regardless of if your child has a vagina or a penis.

Those who have vaginas need to know about this…and those that don’t can be taught to be considerate and kind in case of a ‘period accident’ at school.

For this age range, mind your words, people. One unkind word about a person’s weight can damage them for life.

2. The Teenage Years

Continue with annual wellness exams.

Mental health screenings are huge here. Emotions are HIGH.

Discuss birth control and sexual wellness in the home. Discuss with a medical professional when ready.

Many genital cancers are associated with the HPV virus. If you weren’t vaccinated against HPV as a child, discuss if this is a good choice for you with your parents and medical professionals.

For those with vaginas, ensure they understand the importance of regular menstrual periods, and the dangers associated with periods stopping due to energy deficiency or the female athlete triad.

3. Child-Bearing Years (20-40 years old)

This is broad, but for our purposes, we will consider this 20-40.

Continue annual wellness exams, as well as mental health visits. The latter are especially important during life transitions.

Eye exams (for 20/20 vision), and Dental Exams.

Skin checks!

Those with vaginas, PAP smears according to your country’s guidelines. And possibly mammograms depending on your family history.

After having babies, go to pelvic floor PT!!!! In fact, go before having babies, go while pregnant to learn about your amazing body!! Here’s a fun post I did about how to find a Pelvic PT in your area!!

If you have a vagina, NOW is the time to get into good habits of exercise before menopause! Meet with a trainer. It’s worth it. I am doing a Series on starting weightlifting with a Cross Fit Coach (and fellow WCS board certified specialist) on my Instagram Account the summer and fall of 2022. Watch that for some tips!

4. 40+ and beyond!!

Continue annual wellness and mental health screenings, as well as dental.

Mammograms and prostate checks, as indicated by your medical history.

Time for colonoscopies! YAY!!

If we have pelvic surgeries (hysterectomy, prostatectomy, etc) or begin to experience leakage or sexual dysfunction (or lack of desire) as we age, GO TO PELVIC PT!! It can help a ton, I promise!!!

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This post was about general wellness, but all of us have pelvises and all of us can benefit from pelvic health work!

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