What to do About It

If you read the What’s Normal & What’s Not sections, and now realize that your something ‘down there’ is off, 
please know that you are not alone and you are not broken.

Just like a shoulder that is out of balance can cause shoulder pain and functional deficits, when pelvic floor muscles are out of balance, they can cause pain and/or functional deficits…those deficits just happen to be in more private areas.

Pelvic PTs teach you to connect to these muscles & improve your function & get your life back. Every Day.

Unfortunately, the training involved in treating the internal muscles of the pelvic floor is expensive, time consuming and often travel intensive, therefore many individuals are lacking qualified providers in their area. 

My purpose in developing this website is to provide access to high quality, reliable information, from an individual who has specialized in pelvic health for over 15 years, and who has helped thousands of clients in improving their quality of life and understanding of their own bodies.

If you are now aware that you need some help, here are two concrete steps that you can take, to heal your body, naturally!

See a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

A physical therapist trained in pelvic floor assessment and rehabilitation is uniquely poised to educate you on your specific pelvic floor status, and how that status is contributing to your dysfunction.  

Just telling an individual to do kegels doesn’t work. Just as much dysfunction is caused by tightness as it is by weakness…so further tightening won’t help.  So you have to know what’s happening in your own pelvic floor.  Pelvic PTs can help.

Check out my blog for “What Happens in a Pelvic PT Exam” and “How to find a Pelvic Floor PT” or Google “Pelvic PT or Physio Near Me”

The Signature Series

Pelvic Floored Video Course

If seeing a PT in person isn’t possible for you due to financial, sociological or geographical limitations, OR, if you’re already seeing a Pelvic PT, but want a ‘bit more’ in depth explanation and exercise progression…I have a special treat for you!

My Signature Series is a group of extremely detailed and specific educational videos, to take you through all the information that a PT would cover over a course of pelvic floor physical therapy, from an education AND exercise progression standpoint. 

This includes further explanations of normative bladder and bowel function, sexual dysfunction, and even the illusive “how to do a self pelvic floor muscle examination!”    The latter is in fact so popular, that many clients who are also seeing an in-person PT, will still purchase my Signature Series, as it is an incredible refresher, and they are able to go through at their own pace.  

The course also includes evidence-based and experience proven exercise progressions, based on my 15+ years of experience in treating pelvic health conditions.

To ideally support your recovery (or your connection to your core in the first plac these are broken down into digestible chunks that can be streamed from any device, at your leisure, and rewatch as often as you need.  There is no monthly fee, and purchasers of the Signature Series will have access for life, including any updates to the course that I make in the future, AND HUGE discounts on other products that Pelvic Floored will launch in the future!

Course Includes:

  • More than TWELVE separate, Evidence-Based Exercise Series to connect your brain to the muscles of your core, correctly & naturally
  • Explanations of normative bladder and bowel function
  • Explanations of sexual dysfunction, and how treatments for pelvic pain may differ from those for incontinence
  • The illusive “how to do a self pelvic floor muscle examination” as well as tips and training in use of pelvic wands
  • Practical, easy to implement, tips for improving your daily life FROM DAY ONE, and putting “Mind Over Bladder” once and for all!

All of this, for less than the cost of a typical comprehensive physical therapy evaluation of the pelvic floor!

Buy Now! Don’t wait another day to take back your life, naturally!

And if you need MORE motivation beyond a Board Certified Specialist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, with >15 years of experience, guiding you through what is typically done over a 12-week course of rehab, for less than the cost of a single in person PT visit, Pelvic Floored’s People Before Profits Program will donate one course to someone in need, for every four that are sold!

It literally does not get better than that, friends. Buy now. You won’t regret it!

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