What’s Not Normal

Any deviation from the norms in the previous section, however common they may be, are NOT normal!


  • Peeing more frequently than every 3-4 hours
  • Having a strong sudden urge to pee
  • Waking at night to pee
  • Leaking urine or poop at ANYTIME
  • Straining to pee or poop
  • Feeling ‘unable to fully empty’
  • Painful intimacy
  • Painful tampon use, or menstrual cup use
  • Painful periods!
  • Pelvic pressure
  • Pelvic pain, at rest, or with activities

Now, *NEWS FLASH*! An overwhelming majority of these can be treated NATURALLY with pelvic floor physical therapy, and my Signature Series Online Program! 

Check out this GREAT videos, similar in style to some of the information provided in my Signature Series, for a brief introduction in two COMMON, but NOT NORMAL pelvic conditions: Incontinence & Pelvic Organ Prolapse. This evidence-based, free information teaches you about how your body should naturally function, and introduces how Pelvic PT, and my SIgnature Series, can help you reclaim your body, and your life, naturally!

Enjoy! & Don’t forget there are some free downloadables at the bottom of this page!

Pretty cool, huh? How much of that did you know before watching?

Here’s some FREE downloadables for you to enjoy, and to share with friends. One is basic info on Incontinence and the other is aptly titled “Don’t JUST Do Kegels!” They go over definitions, norms, and why it is necessary to be TRAINED in Kegels (especially the relaxing part), and to have understanding of WHAT your pelvic floor is doing, in order for them to be useful.

Want to be trained in your pelvic floor? My Signature Series is JUST THE TICKET! Buy it today, and get to healing your pelvic floor and pelvis NATURALLY, in an evidence-based, experience proven method that has helped thousands of others. You won’t be disappointed.

As with the information in “What’s Normal?”, I challenge you to share ONE tidbit that you learned today with your network on social media. Tag me, so I can spread the pelvic health love! And you, in sharing the good information, will likely change someone’s life.

Not bad for a day’s work, eh?


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