Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Exercises

From the Comfort & Privacy of Your Home.

World Class Online Courses to heal your pelvic floor naturally. The best pelvic floor physical therapy exercises from the privacy of your own home and for a fraction of the cost of in-person care.

Your Recovery Starts Here!

Natural Pelvic Floor Solutions For:

  • Urinary Incontinence: peeing your pants…a little or a lot when laughing, running or jumping
  • Pelvic Pain: pain with intimacy, tampon use, OB-gyn exams…or even tight pants!
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse: : pressure or heaviness ‘down there’ at rest, or with activities
  • Sexual Dysfunction: pain with intimacy, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, or inability to orgasm
  • Back Pain: persistent back pain, even though you’ve tried “all the usual things”
  • Postpartum Recovery: Cleared” at 6 weeks by your OB? Here’s the guidance you are looking for! For moms who had their babies 4 weeks ago, or 40 years ago! It’s never too late.
  • Diastasis Recti: Healing “the gap” and reducing postpartum buldges, but more importantly getting you STRONG again!
  • Pregnancy or Postpartum Related Posture or Balance

Experience Proven Techniques

Instructed by Dr. Kelly Sadauckas, a Pelvic Physical Therapist with nearly two decades of experience, these online courses include evidence-based, experience proven techniques to help you identify what is causing your symptom, and manageable exercise progressions and tips to heal your body, naturally.

The Pelvic Floored® Revolution 

For Everyone With A Pelvis
Who Wants to Know How to Use It!

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