The Pelvic Floored Signature Lecture & Exercise Series

Developed personally by Dr. Kelly Sadauckas, PT, DPT, ITPT, from over 16 years of expertise in the pelvic health field, this Online Streamable Series includes more than 12 lessons & 12 exercise progressions, to reconnect your brain to your body, naturally, and bring you back to participation in your desired activities, symptom-free.

This course is NOT JUST a post-partum course. It is for anyone with a pelvis, who is suffering from leakage, pelvic pain, prolapse pressure, dysfunction, or is post-partum or post-surgical and feels disconnected from their body!

If you’ve been having symptoms for 4 weeks, or 40 years, this course is for you!

Help Yourself. Help Others.

These courses will teach you how to talk to your body: how to listen to what it is telling you, connect with it again post-injury or post-baby…or maybe connect with it for the first time ever!

Purchase our pelvic health videos, products, and services, and take back control over your body, and your life, naturally!

And if that’s not enough motivation, our People Before Profits Program ensures that for every 4 courses we sell, 1 will be donated to someone in need.

Join us. Together, we will raise the standard of pelvic health care for the entire world…starting with you.

Coming Soon…

  • The Prostatectomy Course: Want to “get it up after getting it out?” Guess what? It’s all about the pelvic floor!
  • The Diastasis Recti Course: Offered in exclusive collaboration with
  • The Pelvic Floored℠ Push Prep Course
  • Professional Facing Courses for Assessment & Treatment
  • Professional and Personal Resources for Self-Assessment…and more!
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